Book Review: Seed

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

Oh, what can be said about Seed? Well, firstly, when I initially saw this book I wasn’t interested. But eventually, I came back to it and thought ‘why not, I haven’t read a cult book yet’, so I requested it and then next thing you know I had it. I didn’t rush into reading this book because I didn’t think it would be anything special.

Once I started reading it, I realized my initial guess about it was right, it was nothing special. The book isn’t horrible by any means, but I just never felt like I got into the story. The characters were dull, if not a bit crazy due to their cult ways, the storyline seemed to kind of drag it’s feet and by the time the ending came I was just happy that I could finally stop reading it.

In the end, this was simply a book about those crazy cult people, doing crazy cult things, because their crazy cult leader told them to do it. I didn’t feel like I really learned anything new about cult life, nor did this story do anything for me but take up a few hours of my life.

I’m sure some people will enjoy this book, but I would not recommend it. It may not have been the worst book that I’ve read, but I will think twice about reading cult books again if they are going to be anything like this one.

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