Book Review: Sister of the Dead

I had thought, that many years ago when it was first published, that I had read this book. But it took me only a short time to realize that I had not previously read this book. In a way that was a good thing because sometimes I find when I reread a book I don’t enjoy it as much or I end up skipping ahead because I remember what was happening but then get lost and have to go back and start fresh again.

The book was sort of slow in the beginning and continued to be so until a bit after the half way point. I’m not sure if it was the story itself, the way it was written or a combination of the two but it certainly didn’t pull me in as much as the previous books have. However, I was interested in seeing how things progressed and ended up so I pushed myself though that slow sectiona nd eventually was rewarded with something more appealing – even if it never really truly grabbed me.

As far as the characters go I found that Wynn was kinda annoying at times. She felt like a child having temper tantrums when things weren’t going the way she had planned. She did eventaully become useful to the story but I don’t think it happened soon enough, because I still don’t like her character all that much and that’s a shame since I tend to enjoy scholar type characters in books. Magiere can also be annoying at certain times but I think that’s just the way her character is meant to me, after all she is as big of a mystery to herself as she is to others and that lack of knowledge and understanding is what drives not only her character but the story as well. Leesil is certainly the strongest of the group still but does have moments of weakness where I have to shake my head. Then there is Chap, who is still an odd character as his part of the story hasn’t been told enough to see where he truly lies but now that more is being revealed about him he has potential to either be a great addition to the story overall in future books or hinder it in a way. Welstiel is still an odd sort of character and while his meddling isn’t always for the best he isn’t all that bad either.

Ubad was kinda interesting. I really don’t think we have seen the last of him given how powerful he was, but what purpose he will have for the remainder of the series is up in the air considering how things turned out for him and Magiere. I certainly would not be opposed to seeing more of him, as he currently fills the villain role quite nicely. I also want to know more about his past and what makes him who and what he is.

Getting to learn more about Magiere’s past, as well as Welstiel’s, was a nice addition. After the two previous books it certainly felt like there were far too many answers missing and too many new questions popping up. At least now there are some things which had been revealed although it is obvious that many questions have remained unanswered and there are sure to be many more in the rest of the series. There were a few interesting moments as the information on these two was revealed bit by bit and at one point you think things are gonna turn out one way based upon what has been revealed and then it changes to something else.

The ending was fairly good and leaves plenty of things open for the remaining books in the series. I am curious to find out Welstiel’s true purpose when it comes to Magiere. While not the strongest book in the series it was still good enough to make me want to continue reading the series to see just where Magiere, Leesil, Wynn and Chap end up. While this series may not be for everyone I would certainly recommend it and look forward to seeing what comes to fruition in the next book.

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