Book Review: The Boleyn Reckoning

If there was ever a final book in a trilogy that needed to be executed perfectly this was that book. The Boleyn Trilogy was a fantastic alternate historical fiction that looked into the what if of the Henry VIII story. What if Henry and Anne had a son and that son had survived? How would this affect the history of England and the outcome of several events that we have come to expect out of this history. This was the book that I had waiting to read because it would bring everything to a final head and hopefully bring about a good conclusion to both the main story arc and those side stories as well.

Based upon the previous novels I expected to love this book and enjoy it completely, but I was not expecting to find it so beautifully done that it quickly became my favorite book from the trilogy. Series ending books can often have a rushed feeling to them or can sometimes leave certain aspects of the story unanswered. However, that was not the case with The Boleyn Reckoning. I did slightly worry at first because there was a lot that needed to be dealt with and wrapped up and I wasn’t sure if the author could pull it all off and still come out at the end with a well written book. But as I read through this I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about.

The pace on this book was very solid and I can’t think of a single point where the story or my attention waned. The author smoothly knocks out plot points that had been rising steadily in the previous books while continuing to keep up with the individual character stories, some of which intertwine and affect the main story. Much like the previous books there are a great number of fantastic plot twists along the way, some of which I guessed would happen based upon the previous books and how things were looking and others that caught me by surprise.

I’m not going to go into much details about the characters this time around. They have come a long way since the beginning of the story and I was very satisfied to see how they had grown with each step, sometimes they were set back because of a decision they or someone else made, but then they found the strength and perseverance to move on.

There was a greater amount of action in this book as well as war was no longer simply a threat but something that was at England’s backdoor and within it’s realm as well. I feel that the action scenes were very well done, but I certainly wouldn’t have been opposed to seeing more of them or having them be on a larger scale. This was something I was definitely looking forward to, I love all the political intrigue and court affairs, but when it comes down to it nothing is better than a good old fashioned sword fight, or in this case war, to really get the blood flowing (literally) and bring things to an explosive head.

Overall I loved this book. It was the perfect conclusion to this trilogy and I was very satisfied with how the ending turned out. The only downside is that the series is done. Of course I want to read more but I cannot complain about how everything was brought to a conclusion. I would highly recommend this series to those who enjoy historical fiction and I am looking forward to the next series that the author has coming out which is being released next year.

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