Book Review: The Broken Kingdoms

After finishing the first book in this trilogy, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, I was looking forward to getting my hands on the next book and seeing how the rest of this series and the story surrounding the characters played out. Though it took me some time to actually get around to reading the book, due to dealing with a relatively large reading slump.

Once I did finally get around to starting this book it took me quite a while to get into it. I was perhaps half way through before I was finally at the point where I felt like I wanted to keep reading it instead of wanting to set it down.

I’ll admit that I was looking forward to things picking up right after the end of the first book and getting to see the characters that I had grown to like again. Instead I was given a new character, who was the main focus of the story. While Oree was unique and far from your traditional heroine and main character I found myself not particularly caring for her much during he majority of the book. The overall lack of the same characters as before was one of these reasons why I was thrown off by a new cast of characters. Oree being blind was an interesting twist on a main character and it made several situations quite different than had she been able to see.

That being said there was a nice mix of new characters in this book as well as some returning characters from the previous book, however other than the one who Oree named Shiny, the return characters roles were very small and I found that fairly disappointing. I liked Madding and some of the other various godlings that made their appearances throughout the pages of this book.

While I enjoyed the book once I reached the latter half of it I found it almost too predictable. I knew who certain characters were almost the second they made their first appearance and I was able to figure out what would happen well ahead of time. It was this that made the book less appealing because there were very few surprises along the way.

Overall the book was good but not as good as I was hoping for. The predictability and the fact that I didn’t overly care for Oree’s character were the two main points I would hold against this book. I will however be finishing off this trilogy to see what happens next, though I’m not sure that final book will hold up to the first after having read this one, but we will see.

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