Book Review: The Death Cute

So I’ll admit I wasn’t all that interested in the idea of reading this book after finishing up The Scorch Trials, but I hate leaving series unfinished so I decided to give it a try. I’ll also say that seeing this book getting a lot of negative reviews had me worried as well.

I have no idea what the hell happened with this book. The flow wasn’t too bad, in fact I sailed through the pages pretty quickly and finished it in a relatively short time. But the story itself was so dry. While there was stuff happening I also felt that at the same time nothing was happening. The characters were the same old boring ones as before and even the few new characters that were added didn’t bring anything new or special to the mix.

Honestly there was only one small spot of this book that captured my attention, which revolved around a certain unexpected event happening, but it was not enough for me to like the book as a whole any more.

In the end it felt like there was far too many unanswered questions and honestly it was like the author just wanted to wrap the trilogy up with minimal effort, thus the lack of explaining 90% of what had been/was going on. For the final book in a trilogy it was a huge let down. I would not recommend this book, and after this one and the previous novel, I would have a hard time even recommending the trilogy as a whole. I know there is a prequel novel out now as well, and originally I thought I’d read it but after this book I think I will let that one go unread.

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