Book Review: The Empress

The author provided with with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After the previous book, The High Priestess, ended I was insanely curious as to what could happen next. Obviously something was going to happen and it wasn’t something small either. I like how things played out at the beginning. There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to what Kelsey would do at first, and it kept me reading to see just how she would overcome this little obstacle that had been dumped in front of her.

Things slowed down a bit after this, but I can see that the information provided in this slower section will be important in the future, so I didn’t entirely mind that the pace changed here. It did give me a number of things to thing over and to take a few guesses at what will happen as the series continue. How will this information and these events affect things as Kelsey progresses through these trials? The possibilities are endless, and I will just have to keep reading to find out.

There is a nice bit of world building in this book. The more I read about how the government controls it’s citizens the more I hate them, but am I curious about them as well, and look forward to learning more about how they control things and what will happen if their power changes. We also get to see Kelsey pushed a bit harder than before. Her character is growing stronger with each book and it will be interesting to see how much further she will develop by the end of the series.

I would recommend this series for sure and look forward to what will happen in not just the next book, but in the remainder of the series as well.

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