Book Review: The Fool

The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Going into The Fool I knew next to nothing about the book. I decided to not read the synopsis and just be surprised by the story. I did, however, know that it was set in the future but that was all I knew. This is also my first experience with serial style series, where the story is broken up into episodes and seasons.

While Kelsey’s character didn’t instantly grab hold of my attention she did grow on me quite quickly, especially when her love of books is brought to light. How can I not love a character who loves books? I also enjoyed how the books that were considered classics in this story are books that relatively new releases for us readers here in the real world. Referencing books I have read or want to read certainly helped to grab my attention. Her obsession with coffee I can also understand. Kelsey is flawed, and while some readers may not like how she acts sometimes and how she is willing to put far too much on the line just to get another flavored latte, it is these flaws that give her appeal to me. The reason behind this is I enjoy flawed characters, for don’t we all have flaws that we must contend with? If she was a perfect character that did nothing wrong and followed the rules exactly as she should then she would be a very boring character and it would ruin te book for sure.

Her sister Keekee is another one of these flawed characters, though we certainly see less of her than Kelsey. Having been a major gamer myself a few years back I can understand the overwhelming desire to do just about anything to be able to play a video game. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for her to risk everything, including her family’s home and chance for a future, just to get a few hours of gaming time in, but hey she’s a teen, she makes mistakes.

Xander was another different character. He loved books, which makes him appealing right there, but I felt that I didn’t quite get a good enough look at his character to truly judge how much I like him. There are some interesting tidbits about him that are revealed in this book and I do see that he has good potential to be a strong and likeable character as the series progresses.

I must admit that I’m not quite a fan of the serial style way of publishing a book. I felt that I didn’t get enough of the story to truly decide what I feel about the characters and the story itself. That is y main complaint about the book. It was good, and I see potential for another great series as it progresses, but I felt that because we are getting the book in shorter increments that something is missing. The biggest thing I missed was the world building. I want to know more about this world they live in, I want to find out more about the Crash, which was only mentioned and not really elaborated on and I want to see more character development. All of these things will happen in time as the next episodes in this series comes out, but as it sits right now I am craving more and that is what held me back from giving this book a full five stars. Yes, I could have waited til all seven episodes were out to get the full story but I doubt I could have.

Overall I quite enjoyed the beginning to this series and I see a great potential for this to make Karen Hooper’s others series. The serial style isn’t for everyone but perhaps I will become more accepting of it as the series continues on. I feel that those who enjoy YA series will enjoy this book, but those who want the whole story in one shot would be best to wait until it is all released before diving into this. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as it releases as I can see it only getting better from here.

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