Book Review: The Kingdom of Gods

Sometimes a series starts out great and continues that way right to the end. Sometimes the start is on the weaker side but it grows stronger with each book. Then there are the times when a series starts out strong and seems with whither with each book. Unfortunately this series falls into the later category. After reading The Broken Kingdoms, the second book in the trilogy, I was hoping that the third book would be better, that it would bring back what I enjoyed from the first book. Sadly the opposite happened.

I will admit I was initially excited about reading this book. Sieh was one of my favorite characters from the series and seeing that he played a major role in this one made me want to read it as soon as possible. The start of the book was fairly solid, and at this point I saw that it had potential to be almost as good as The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. But sadly this feeling quickly dwindled and I’m almost positive I know why. With the events of the book turning Sieh into an adult he lost a lot of charm that his character possessed. I understand that this major change to him is what is supposed to help drive the story but it just didn’t appeal to me.

Needless to say, after this point in the book I kind of struggled to keep reading it. I actually ended up picking away at it a page here and then for several months before finally getting to the end. By the time I did finally finish the book a lot of the names of characters, their significance to the story and a lot of the details that happened near the beginning had faded away. I really do feel like it’s a shame that this series became less interesting to read the further into it that I got. Honestly it had a lot of potential and I think that if the second, and more specifically the last, book were done differently I would most likely enjoy them more.

I know there are people out there that have enjoyed the entire trilogy and I’m sure that there are people who will read it in the future and like all three books, but I personally didn’t. Those who like romantic fantasy series will most likely enjoy this trilogy but there is also a chance they won’t. One will never know until they start reading it. I have seen that the author is writing a fourth book in the series, but I’m just not sure at this point if I will read it or not, we will see after it is published.

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