Book Review: The Scorch Trials

What can I say about The Scorch Trials. After reading The Maze Runner I decided to go ahead of work on reading the rest of the trilogy, mostly because I can’t stand leaving a series unfinished and I also enjoyed the first book enough to want to read the rest. So after waiting a bit for it to come into the library I decided to read it. It did not hold up to what I was expecting.

I felt like I was reading the same story except that the maze was not a huge insanely hot desert with next to nothing in it. I found it to be fairly anticlimactic, each page holding a less interesting thing that the one before it. Now don’t get me wrong, there were a few parts that peeked my interest but for the most part I was fairly darn bored reading this book. The overall flow of the story was slow and seemed to lack the pull that the first book had. When things did pick up it felt like whatever was happening that did grab my attention quickly faded and then I was left to continue plodding through the pages in an attempt to get to the end.

The characters were less interesting as well. Even the new addition, whose name I have forgotten by now, didn’t really add anything to the story. He was just another face among the group crossing the vast wasteland that is known as the Scorch. I did feel like Thomas’ character was weaker this time around, though I can’t quite put my finger of what caused that impression, perhaps it was because of what was happening between him and Teresa in this story, but it might have been something else.

Overall this book was simply okay. I didn’t feel like it added anything significant to the story as a whole. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this book because of the general bland feeling that I got while reading it, but I know there are plenty of readers out there who will enjoy it, so if you liked the first book then keep going with the series since I’m certain that you will enjoy this one. I will take the time to read the next book just to finish off the trilogy and to see if it gets better, but I’m honestly not going to rush into it. I also hear that there is a prequel to the trilogy coming out, or is out already, and I may read that one as well at some point.

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