Book Review: The White Masai

Biographies are not something I typically review, and in fact I don’t often read them, but I made the exception for The White Masai and decided to read and review this book. I have always had a love of Africa and so books, any book for that matter, about the continent and it’s people appeal to me. The White Masai is a book I have been wanting to read for a few years now and I’m glad I finally got the chance to do so recently.

I was quickly swallowed up in this book, seeing a slice of Africa as well as a look into the life of the Masai. Corinne’s first sighting of Lketinga was truly what prompted all the further events in the book and it’s sort of amazing how such a simple thing could have such a huge impact on her life.

Reading Corinne’s accounts of her major life changes after meeting Lketinga, dropping her entire previous life to move to Africa and be with a man she barely knew and could also barely communicate with was admittedly quite shocking, yet not everyone would do such a thing. There were certainly a number off struggles along the way, including adjusting to this new life, learning the customs of the Masai which were vastly different from what she was used to, dealing with the dangers of living in Africa as well as her many battles with diseases, from Hepatitis to Malaria.

When I had read this book I, out of curiosity, looked at some other reviews of it. I was surprised how many people gave this book such a low rating based solely on how they felt about the choices Corinne made in her life. While I admit, that many of the choices she made were far from the best, in fact some of them were downright stupid, I just can’t see myself giving this book a poor rating because of that. In fact I think it is very courageous of her to bring all of these events, especially all of the bad ones, to the eyes of the public, to be shared with millions of readers world wide. And honestly if she had have left out all the parts where she struggled, made those bad decisions, and admitted that things weren’t going all that well between her and Lketinga, then there really wouldn’t be a story at all.

This book may not appeal to everyone, however I enjoyed it quite a bit. This book was a glimpse not only into Africa but into the authors left, and it was raw and beautiful at the same time. I may read the other two books that she has written at some point to see what else unfolded in her life after she left Africa and her eventual return to the country and the man she loved.

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