Book Review: Time Reavers

The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When I first read about this book I have to admit I was intrigued. I had enjoyed Jacob Holo’s other book, The Dragons of Jupiter, and to see that he had another one coming out, one that sounded quite interesting and unique, I knew that I had to read it. The cover definitely caught my attention and helped to give me a nice visual aide as I dove into the story as to what the Reavers truly looked like.

I found that the start was not too bad. Things didn’t stand out to me right away, it seemed like a fairly typical start to a book where the setting and main characters are introduced. However having it start with the first time freeze and having Nicole, one of the main character, have to deal with that did add a nice bit of interest to things. It also gave a solid way to introduce Daniel, another main character and give a bit of a crash course on time freezes and the Reavers to both the Nicole and the reader. There was one part of this introductory section of the book that did bother me though. I didn’t like when the teacher, Mrs. Woytowich, texted Nicole with the message “where r u can u meet us at the next stop?” The main reason for this is that while I realize short form in texting is quite normal, I just don’t see nor accept a teacher using that kind of thing, I would expect her to fully spell out the words.

The Reavers were quite the different antagonist in this book. They definitely had a bit of uniqueness to them, though they resembled different types of insects depending upon what type of Reaver they were, they were a lot bigger than the insect counterparts and being made of metal and this hard to destroy certainly made them a formidable enemy. Add to that the fact that time froze each time they made an appearance it mean that only a small number of the human population could actually attempt to stop them.

As far as characters go I can’t say that I liked any of the main characters. Nicole and her sister Amy were the ones I least enjoyed. The way they acted towards each other, with name calling, arguing and a string of tantrums made me feel like they were more childish then they should have been. Now I’m not saying they should have gotten along perfectly throughout the book, because if that happened I would also be shaking my head. Siblings fight, they don’t always get along, that’s fact, but they took in to a new level and it made me not respect their characters at all. However I think the thing that bothered me the most about these characters was how they each conveniently had some power that would of course save the day but in Nicole’s case was something that no one had seen in many years. Even when they began to work together and act as if they cared for one another I still couldn’t bring myself to like them. Daniel’s character was okay. He certainly adding an odd layer to the mix of things. His hamburger analogy of the worlds though was pretty amusing.

I found it a bit too easy to put the book down in the first half. Part of it was because I had no attachment to any of the characters and the other part was I didn’t feel like the story was progressing as smoothly or as quickly as it should be. There seemed to be a lot of idle conversation mixed in with a lot of sitting around. Then there would be bursts of action which would capture my attention, only to return to that idleness.

The second half of the book had a much better feel to it, though I still wasn’t pulled into the story like I had hoped would happen, at least things felt more solid. The flow was better, the characters were less annoying and things were progressing with the conflicts between the humans and the Reavers. I felt that the mix of worlds, Earth, Chonopolis and Reaver space, really helped to make this part of the book more appealing. There were more facets to absorb, more things in general going on and less idle time. The end came a bit abruptly and I think there were a few things that were left open that I would have liked to have seen brought to a close.

Overall this book was okay. The characters went from unappealing to tolerable over the course of the story, the world was a mixture of normal earth and fairly unique when in Chronopolis and Reaver space, and there were some gaps that I don’t recall being dealt with. I know there are those fans of Science Fiction and Young Adult who will read and enjoy this book and I would recommend people to seek out this book if they enjoy reading either of those two genres.

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