Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2023

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week, we are given a new topic to discover and list our top ten of that particular topic. This week is our Bookish Goals for 2023. As you know, I really enjoy making goals, especially monthly goals. However, I love the idea of making book-related goals for the year.

  1. Read my owned but unread books. I have been working on going through my large TBR and getting through all the unread books for the last few years. This is something I will continue to do this year and I hope to put a pretty good dent in it.
  2. Clear out my Kindle TBR. No, I don’t mean my entire Kindle TBR – that would be a massive undertaking to do in a single year. However, I have selected a number of Kindle books as my priority reads for the year. Some are older and some are new, but it’s about time that I gave these books the attention they deserve.
  3. Clear out my audiobook TBR. Audiobooks, much like my Kindle books, are fairly neglected. This year, I am going to do my best to work through at least some of my audiobook backlist.
  4. Use the library more. This feels counterproductive to my first three points, however, I really want to take advantage of my library. While I usually buy the books I want to read, I am going to do my best to borrow what I can first. this will save me money, especially with books I want to read but aren’t sure I will love and thus don’t want to shell out money for them right away. If I really love a library book I can always buy a copy for myself later.
  5. Read authors I follow on Twitter. I follow quite a few authors on Twitter and yet for the vast majority of them, I have never read any of their books. This year I want to start working through those authors and give at least one of their books a try. I may not be able to get through all of the authors I follow but if I can read at least one a month that will be great.
  6. Write reviews within 72 hours of finishing the book. I have this bad habit of waiting days, if not weeks, after finishing a book to write the review, and by then I have forgotten a lot of it. So, to combat that, I will be working on writing the review within 72 hours of finishing the book.
  7. Start using NetGalley again. I used to use Netgallay a lot many years ago but got out of the habit of doing so. While I am putting more emphasis on reading and reviewing books again, it would be a good idea to use Netgalley. However, I am not going to request every book I see, but only the ones I have a strong interest in.

Those are my bookish goals for 2023. What are yours?

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