February has arrived. While January dragged on for a while, as it tends to most years, the second month of the year is not here and it’s time to set new monthly goals. Before I get to my February 2024 goals, I want to take a moment to share how I did with January’s goals. January review January was a long month but it gave me plenty of time to work on my monthly goals. I did fairly well with January’s goals. Life Read at least 10 books. Yes, I read more than 10 books. See what I read in January. Study Japanese.  This isRead More →

January is the start of a new year and gives us the opportunity to start fresh or continue what we built in the previous year. Setting monthly goals has become a large part of my life and helps to keep me focused on what needs to get done. Before we go over my January 2024 goals, let’s take a moment to see how I did with my December goals. December review I went easy with my December goals so I could focus on enjoying the holidays. A lot of the month was spent doing blog work, which was also the main focus of my goalsRead More →

For many, the new year means making new year resolutions. However, I prefer to make goals as they are something I know I will stick to. These 2024 Goals cover what I want to accomplish this year in my life and for blogging. I also have some specific book-related goals. 2024 Goals Life Goals Do a digital declutter It’s been a couple of years since I did a digital declutter and it’s overdue. My main points of focus are: Unsubscribe from emails that no longer suit me Unsubscribe from YouTueb channels I no longer watch Unfollow accounts that I no longer have an interest inRead More →

The final month of the year is upon us. The last few months have flown by and I’m not sure how we are at December already. While I will be making sure to enjoy the holidays, I am also ensuring that I have plenty of productive days during the month. Before we get to my December 2023 goals, let’s take a moment to look back at how I did with my November goals. November review I went easy with November’s goals, making only one. Life Read at least 5 books. Close, but not quite. See what books I read in November. December 2023 goals WithRead More →

November is here and that means it’s time for another round of monthly goals. As the end of the year is quickly approaching, my goals change quite a bit. Before I get into my November 2023 goals, let’s take a moment to look over how I did with my October goals. October review October was incredibly busy. This is the month that we usually have the final push to get everything done before winter arrives. It’s also the last month of preserving all of the garden’s produce. Life Read at least 5 books. Yes. I was surprised at how much reading time I was ableRead More →

September is here and that means the arrival of fall is fast approaching. I’m excited that the weather is cooling down and the leaves are already changing. It’s a time of transition and I live for it. September is also inherently a busy month but that won’t stop me from making several goals. I want to keep busy because before long winter will be here, and that will limit what I can do – especially outside. Before we go into my September 2023 goals, I’d like to take a moment to go over how I did with my August goals. August review August was aRead More →

August is here. Another month of 2023 has come and gone and we are quickly approaching the end of the year. It’s hard to believe that we are at the peak of summer and soon fall will be in the air. Though summer is slipping away, there is still plenty of time to get out there and have fun. August will likely be a busy month, especially with the garden, as this is when most plants start to produce in earnest. Because of this, I will be keeping my goals relatively light so I am free to deal with the harvest as it comes in.Read More →

With July’s arrival, we are officially in the second half of 2023. This year seems to be flying by – as most years tend to do. July is usually a busy month for keeping up with the garden, especially weeding and watering. Despite this, I am planning to get as many other things done as possible over the month. Setting monthly goals helps me keep focused on what needs to get done and I always make sure to throw in a fun goal as well. Before I get into my July 2023 goals, I’d like to take a moment to go over how I didRead More →

June brings us into summer and that means warmer weather and plenty of time outside in the garden. The first half of this year has gone by fairly quickly, with many months practically sneaking up on me. I have been looking forward to June’s arrival for a while because it means I finally get to work in the garden. I know this month is bound to be busy, but I am excited to see what I can accomplish. Before I get into my June 2023 goals, I’d like to take a moment to go over how I did with my May goals. May goals reviewRead More →

Much like April, May snuck up on me and I felt unprepared for the month. Luckily, May also happens to be a month that’s a combination of cooler weather along with the warmer hints of spring. This means, on the warmer days I should have the motivation I need to get outside and tackle some chores that need to get done. This also means more opportunities to go on more walks without having to bundle up. Before I get into my May 2023 goals, I’d like to take a moment to share how I did with my April goals. April review April was a decentlyRead More →