Top Ten Tuesday: Books I HAD To Buy But Are Still On My Bookshelf

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Tuesday Freebie! Your time to pick whatever topic you’d like! There are so many good past topics from the list that it took me a while to choose. After much thought, I decided to go with the Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy But Are Still On My Bookshelf. Seriously this topic describes so very many of my books both on my regular shelves and on my Kindle as well. It’s a growing problem, there are so many books I just have to buy and then it takes me forever to actually get around to reading them since my shelves are overflowing.

  1. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I’ve wanted to read this book for YEARS. Seriously, years, like easily ten years. But it took me about forever to find a copy of the book and then all plans to read it sort of disappeared as other books were added to my shelf and new distractions popped up.
  2. Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey. This and the others in this series, which includes the other two trilogies. I bought them as shortly after finishing Kushiel’s Dart because I loved it so much I wanted to read them all. Needless to say they have not had the attention I had planned to give them. Book Review: Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey.
  3. Shardik by Richard Adams. Ever since watching Watership Down, I have been on the lookout for other Richard Adams books. It took me a long time to find Shardik and yet it still remains unread to this day.
  4. Cujo by Stephen King. This is another case of not being able to find the book for a long time and then not making time to read it once I had it in my possession.
  5. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden. I was so excited about this book I had pre-ordered it close to a year before it was released. While it’s only been on my bookshelf for a little over two months it is still unread.
  6. Dune by Frank Herbert. This book I have heard so many good things about it for so long that I just had to have it. The problem was I could find all the other books in the Dune series but not this specific one. I finally did and there it is collecting dust with the others.
  7. The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. I first picked up this series back many years ago during a buy three get the fourth book free sale. Snagged the first eight books this way but sadly have never touched any of them.
  8. The Camulod Chronicles by Jack Whyte. I managed to get this series for free and was excited about it since I love all things medieval especially those stories that involve King Arthur in any way. It has definitely been collecting dust for a few years now.
  9. DarkGlass Mountain Trilogy by Sara Douglass. I picked this up after reading the Wayfarer Redemption series. I loved Sara Douglass’ writing style and books so it made sense for me to pick up her other works. Sadly they have not been read yet. One day they will be, one day.
  10. Star Wars by Various Authors. This one is added for a reason. I used to read nothing but Star Wars books for a few years. It was during university that my reading of these books slacked off even though I continued to buy them. Well, one year turned into two and then it was several before I had read any. Needless to say with so many books in the series continually coming out it has been very hard to catch up on what I had missed over the years and get into the newer books as well. It’s something I will need to slowly work on if I’m ever to catch up completely.

There are still quite a few other books that could have made this list but the ones I have here made it because they have either been on my shelf/to-read list the longest or they were the ones I wanted so badly that I was willing to skip others in order to read them first but have failed to read yet.

I hope you enjoyed the Books I HAD To Buy But Are Still On My Bookshelf. What books have fallen into this category for you?

This week's Top Ten Tuesday goes over the Books I HAD To Buy But Are Still On My Bookshelf. There are so many!

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