Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Resolve To Read In 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Books I Resolve To Read In 2013. Ah, this is perfect. I had planned to make a post about my New Year’s Resolution today anyway so now I can roll that post as well as this one into a single post. For far too long now my TBR has grown so much faster than I can read the books. I am sure many other book lovers have a similar problem. But I haven’t really done anything to fix it in the past. This year is my chance to do my best to shrink my to-read list, not increase it. Inevitably there will be books added, that I cannot stop, but I am going to try to limit just how many books I add as I want the pile to decrease not increase. And so my New Year’s resolution is to read the books that have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for months if not years. I will still read newer books but for the bulk of my reading this year I am going to give attention to those who have waited patiently for me.

And so without further ago, here are the top ten books I resolve to read in 2013 (in no particular order):

  1. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I can’t even say how long it is that I’ve wanted to read this book, plenty of years for sure. But only recently, and by recently I mean several months ago, was I able to get copies of all four of the books in this series. I wanted to make sure I had all of them before starting to read them, so now 2013 has presented me with the opportunity to do just that.
  2. It by Stephen King. While I haven’t read many Stephen King books yet I plan to. It has been on my to-read list since I first saw it in a Walmart back when I was an early teen. Obviously, my parents said no when I asked if I could buy it and it’s probably a good thing they did. But now, I hope to finally see just what this story is all about.
  3. The Horse Whisperer by Nicolas Evans. Even before the movie came out I wanted to read this book. I remember intending to borrow it from my best friend who had a copy of it, but clearly, that never happened. After finding it for one dollar in the clearance section of my favorite used book store I find myself with little excuse to not read it now.
  4. Tales From Watership Down by Richard Adams. I loved Watership Down, it was such an interesting and unique story that I want badly to read this book. While I don’t yet own a copy of it, I am confident that I will find one before the year is out and be finally able to read it.
  5. The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle. When I first saw this movie I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was based on a novel. When I did finally realize this I knew I had to read it, but it seemed the bookstore was always sold out of it. Now that I have a copy all to myself it’s time to sit down and read it.
  6. Appaloosa by Robert Parker. This, along with the rest of the series, was added to my to-read list before I saw the movie. After seeing the movie I wanted even more to read it. Thanks to the used bookstore I now frequent I will be able to read it and the others without issue.
  7. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. Another book I added to my list after watching the movie. I remember being in awe of this movie when it first came out and even now love to watch it time and time again. It’s time to see just what differences the book has to to ‘watch’ this story play out in a different format.
  8. Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon. The prequel series to the Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child Trilogy. These books were incredibly hard for me to find, but after about a dozen used bookstores and a final stop at Amazon, I managed to get all three. I highly enjoyed the Demon Child trilogy and so look forward to reading the books that take place before those.
  9. Prophecy: Child of Earth by Elizabeth Haydon. The second book in the Symphony of Ages series. While this, and the other books in the series were more recently officially added to my to-read list, I have had my eye on them for some time. It was through the persistence of GoodReads, that kept recommending the books to me time and time again, that I finally broke down and got them. I enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to finishing off the rest of the series.
  10. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden. I have played World of Warcraft off and on, mostly on, for eight years now. As such I have a huge love for the lore and stories which occur in that world. Though I am solidly on the side of the Horde in the game, Jaina has always been a favorite character of mine and so I’m glad to see she finally gets the attention she deserves in a book featuring this strong and persistent character.

As you can see the majority of the books are older and that is because they have been sitting either on my bookshelf or my to-be-read list for quite some time. On top of my resolve to read these books this year, I also am adding a second resolution. As I am constantly starting new series every time I pick up a book, or at least it feels like that, I am going to focus on those series that I have not completely read and push through to the end. Some series I may not be able to finish simply because they are still actively growing with new books scheduled to come out this year and possibly into the next, but I can finish some whose entire collections now sit on my shelf.

Those are the books I resolve to read in 2013. What books do you plan to resolve to read this year? Do you have any other resolutions for the year?

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