Book Review: Cowboy Cop

The published provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this book. The cover was les than appealing to me and so I was left to judge it solely on the synopsis, which sounded good but could have turned out to be lackluster. This book actually surprised me with how good it was.

Cowboy Cop is an emotion filled story about a family directly affected by murder, their struggles to overcome their fears and anger over the situation, a woman who tries hard to help them and the man who wants them dead. At first I didn’t much care for Miles McGregor, he was the typical married to his job kind of guy who rarely spent any time with his son Timmy. I can understand why that was, being a cop isn’t easy and sometimes the case is extremely important, but I had little sympathy for the guy at first when he was thinking about how he never sees his family. Jordan was a good character who was strong but also had a dark past that she was trying hard to hide from and avoid. Timmy is a broken child having witnessed, at least that’s what everyone thinks, his mothers murder and doesn’t speak at first and rarely reacts to anything.

While a large amount of the focus at first is on Timmy’s recover as Jordan tries to get through to the boy while his father is pushing her to work faster so they can solve the case, it was a necessary lead up to other things. As the recovery is slowly taking place the investigation about the murder continues and Miles is in the thick of it even though he is off the case. That just shows how determined he is to catch the killer and protect his family. I disliked the fact that he was at first trying to tell Jordan she needed to get Timmy to talk right away to get the name of his mothers killer out, that made him sort of an asshole. But you could see why he was doing it, he wanted that man behind bars so he couldn’t hurt or kill anyone else.

As the story progressed there was plenty of good action as a kill arrives on the ranch looking to silence Timmy completely, or is it to come after Jordan. This is when Miles starts to shine as a character finally showing that he isn’t a heartless bastard but someone who will do what it takes to save the day and his son. In the end though it is Jordan once again who is the strong character in the story and pushes them all through with her courage and determination.

The romance is small in this book and I kind of felt it was an unnecessary addition but it was good to see an overall happy ending for everyone involved. Overall it was a really well written emotionally charged story that makes the reader keep turning the pages. The characters have good strengths and weaknesses and the story line progresses at a good pace.

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