Book Review: Cowboy’s Texas Rescue

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This is the third book in the Black Ops series however it can be read as a standalone novel.

From page one to the final page this book keeps up a nice pace. Right from the start the reader is met with a nice action scene which introduces, to a minimal amount one of the main characters Jake and shows his skills at his job within the Black Ops. There is also a nice little bit of background given about his at the end of the first chapter but not enough to ruin what role that tidbit of information that will play later on in the story. Jake, referred to as Cowboy by his work buddies, is a cowboy turned army man with his past playing a big role in why he got into that career.

Chelsea is a great character. I love the fact that she is not a perfect, drop dead gorgeous woman who can’t do a thing for herself. She has a few extra pounds on her, she had turned to food to help get through a rough time in her life and the love handles are proof of that. She is not weak, willing to fight for her lief even when facing an armed escaped convict. She does have some issues from the past and is not easy to accept the idea that someone may actually care for her.

Brady was an excellent bad guy, he was desperate to escape, to not end up back in prison and he would do just about anything to get and remain free. He was a dirt bag of a guy but as the villain in this story he played that part perfectly. Armed and dangerous Brady was a major part in this story throughout. His desperation fueled him to murder three people. He was also smart, though it didn’t always seem he had the upper hand, he know how and when to pull certain moves or tricks and kept evading capture. He really is the kind of character that you love to hate but at the same time you are partially rooting for the pull another last minute escape so that the action of the story can continue on.

As fate would have it Jake just happened to be in the right place at the right time to help rescue Chelsea from the convict, he was on his way to see his father in the hospital but could not help stop to help what he thought was a stranded motorist in a Texas snow storm. He’s strong, resourceful due to his line of work and is determined not only to keep Chelsea safe but to apprehend the criminal to keep others safe and get him back behind bars.

There’s a bit of chemistry between Jake and Chelsea after the convict left them for dead in the trunk of her car but they both realize that now is not the best time to acknowledge those feelings. As they wait out the storm, wondering what has happened to the convict and the other neighbours their feelings grow but they continue to deny them, Jake is trying to be a gentleman and Chelsea doesnt think Jake is interested in her, seeing him protecting her more out of duty than anything else. However sparks do eventually fly but life is far from perfect because they still have a criminal on the loose and Jake doesn’t feel he can afford to have a relationship with his career, yet he doesn’t want to break Chelsea’s heart either.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The pace of the story, the constantly action, deadly situations combined with the growing romance made for a truly great read. I would certainly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good suspense but also to people who enjoy a romance that has a strong story and characters. I think I will go back and check out the other two books in the series as well as other books written by this author.

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