Book Review: Dangerous Depths

Before I started to read this book Karen warned me that I was in for a bumpy ride. I had laughed at that and said ‘Bring it on!’. I thought I was ready for this bumpy ride, perhaps she was just teasing me and it wouldn’t really be that bumpy. Boy was I wrong. I was not prepared at all for the truly bumpy ride this book turned out to be. All the twists, turns and secrets revealed along with the emotional roller coasters that made Dangerous Depths the amazing book that it is.

The story picks up shortly after the end of Tangled Tides, and if you haven’t read the first book yet you must do so before reading Dangerous Depths. I loved getting a true look at the world of Rathe, the home of the Selkies and Mermaids. There were small glimpses of this world in Tangled Tides, but now I was getting to see most of this world. Though I am sure there are a number of places and secrets about it that are yet to be revealed. I loved that there were similarities between Earth and Rathe but overall the world was beautiful and unique.

There is still a good amount of mythology in this book, although there were no further sightings of Medusa or Posiedon. However Stheno and Euryale, the two Gorgons, presence was much stronger in this book. There were characters I enjoyed to hate, mostly because it was obvious they didn’t care for Yara and took pleasure in making her suffer. Another set of characters I enjoyed to hate was Otabia and Mariza, two of the Sirens. Their roles were fairly minor in the first book, Tangled Tides, however with this bigger presence in this book I realized that they were the type I did like. Though when they revealed their true feelings towards Nixie I realized the full reason why I disliked this pair.

Yara had grown as a character and I certainly liked that change in her. While she still wasn’t full confident in her new role or powers I could see that she was no longer completely lost and unsure of her place in the world. True she had moments of doubt, and some of them made sense given the situations she found herself in, but with the help of Treygan, Nixie and Rowan, along with a few other characters she is clearly adjusting well and growing into her new role. I enjoyed Treygan more in this book as well, though any changes in him didn’t stand out as well to me as they had with Yara. Rowan is still strong and stubborn, though certainly a lot more stubborn than before, but given the circumstances of what is happening I can understand that perfectly.

I was thrilled to see Nixie getting a bigger role in this book, her now acting as one of the point of views in the book, which equates to get getting her own chapters. I had liked her role in Tangled Tides but felt she didn’t get enough character development or exposure to truly shine. Whereas in Dangerous Depths we get to see a lot more about her past, why she became a Siren and how she deals with some very hard situations. Vienna was another interesting character, though her role is small and I’m afraid I can’t say too much else about her without giving things away.

They are a number of great characters in this book but I think the best character is Harte. Technically Harte is a place, a very dangerous and evil place, but at the same time I felt that it also filled the role of the antagonist character and did it quite perfectly. Harte is as unique if not more so than Rathe is and I truly enjoyed how it is mostly a place of the unknown. Few have been into it’s depths and even fewer have survived to talk about it. It was once things moved into Harte that the story truly took off. Everything that happened before then, while very good, was more of a build up to what was to come. Many things were not as they seemed in Harte and it made for a challenging journey.

This was where the story truly became a bumpy ride and played with my emotions on a number of levels. There were a number of parts where I was so deeply engrossed into the story that I didn’t want to put the book down and yet I ended up having to because of something that I happened that ripped apart my heart. The ups and down, the challenges faced, the emotional toll of this part of the book was truly astounding.

The ending was both heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time. I wanted to cry from sadness and joy. It brought everything to an end and yet opened up a new chapter as well. I wish I could talk more about the content of the book but I cannot do so without spoiling the story for those who have yet to read it.

Dangerous Depths will truly pull at the readers heartstrings as it takes them for an unpredictable yet enticing ride. I highly recommend this series to anyone who has not started it yet. This book, along with Tangled Tides, are pure magic. I cannot wait until the third book, Sacred Seas, comes out next year because I need to see how things will turn out and what these characters will face next.

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