December 2019 Bokksu – Snowy Hokkaido

They say that one of the best ways to explore a new country is through its food. This may be true, but as a non-traveler, it can be hard to do so. That’s where subscription boxes like Bokksu come into play. Bokksu delivers traditional snacks to your door monthly. My first experience with Bokksu occurred in November and it was phenomenal. Needless to say, I was eager to dive into the December 2019 Bokksu. This month’s theme is Snowy Hokkaido.

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December 2019 Bokksu

Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream

I love bread. No, I don’t think you understand. I LOVE bread. So seeing a big bread roll in the box had me so excited. I knew this had to be the first item to try. Opening the wrapper, it smelled like bread fresh from the oven. The bread was wonderfully soft and had a great yeasty flavor. This was the best bread I’ve ever had. All future bread will be compared to this.

Hokkaido White Raspberry

I love white chocolate, but really can’t stand raspberries, so I was a bit conflicted over this snack. The white chocolate was smooth, but the raspberries made me shudder. Also, the rye cracker at the center of this treat did nothing to improve the experience.

Jaga Pokkuru

The best way to describe this was chips in the shape of fries. This was neither great nor terrible. They were simply chips in a different format.

Shiroi Koibito: White & Black

Biscuits with chocolate sandwiched between them, one with white chocolate, the other with milk chocolate. The biscuits themselves were quite airy and complimented the chocolate well. While they were both delicious, I preferred the white chocolate one.

Kitsune No Shippo

I really liked this. It was rolled up pie dough covered in maple white chocolate. The pie dough itself was wonderfully flaky. However, the star of the show was the maple white chocolate coating. It really brought everything together. The maple flavor was light and perfectly complimented the white chocolate.

Calpico Mochi

This mochi was pretty good. Inside was marshmallow and calpico jam. Now, I have no idea what calpico jam should taste like, but it did seem to go well with the marshmallow and mochi.

White Black Thunder

Black Thunder is a well-known chocolate bar in Japan. This one was coated in white chocolate. I quite liked this one but felt that the white chocolate took away from the experience.

Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yaki Toukibi

A puffed corn snack with pieces of dried corn mixed in. These were great. They had a slight soy sauce taste to them and disappeared quickly.

Onigiri Senbei: Ginshari

A super crunchy rice-flavored cracker. This one didn’t stand out as something special but was still enjoyable.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Hokkaido Milk

I absolutely loved these! Crunchy mochi that was slightly sweet, milky tasting and so wonderfully light. By far one of the best items from this month’s box – the top prize goes to the bread, but these were a close second.

Negi Baka Okaki Rice Crackers: Green Onion

I was a little hesitant to try these, as the guide said you better really like green onions. Yet when I tried them, there was only the faintest hint of green onion flavor. Even the wasabi and garlic were very minimal. I did enjoy these, but I feel like, for all the warnings, the flavor should have been stronger.

Mayo Arare Rice Crackers

I really enjoyed these rice crackers. The flavors of mayonnaise, seaweed, sesame seeds, and rice were light but complimented each other perfectly.

Fried Buttered Corn: Soy Sauce Flavor

Another fantastic snack. Corn and soy sauce are becoming my new favorite flavor combination. The snack itself is lightly crunchy and slightly flakey. The sweet corn flavor really stands out and then the soy sauce flavor arrives, bringing the experience full circle. I’m glad there were two packs of this snack included because after eating the first one I was craving more.

Yasashii Yuzu Gummy

Though not overly flavorful, I really enjoyed these gummies. They were great as a little treat throughout the day.

Sencha Tea

Nope, didn’t like this one at all. It just tasted too much like tea. I’m sure those who like tea would have enjoyed it, but it just wasn’t for me.

The December 2019 Bokksu was another hit. So many wonderful flavors and textures to explore. This box truly puts the taste of Japan at your fingertips. I love that each month highlights a different area and thus allows you to experience such a wide range of tastes. I highly recommend this subscription box to anyone who wants to experience the flavors of Japan, especially those traditional snacks.

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  1. I love bread too! The natural yeast bread looks so delicious! What a great option, especially when you want to try snacks from around the world. it’s like a cool snack exchange, but a more reliable one since it’s a subscription service.

    1. It was so dang good. I agree it’s a great guaranteed way to explore new flavors.

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