Easy to grow indoor plants

Not all gardening occurs outside. Adding some indoor plants to your home is a great way to include some extra life and a pop of color in any room. It can also help to keep your green thumb going during the cooler months of the year. Whether you live in a warm or cooler climate, indoor gardening is a great option. Even if you don’t have a green thumb these easy to grow indoor plants are something you can add to your home. In fact, this is a great way to grow that green thumb of yours. With a little research, finding low maintenance plants to add to your home is quite easy. Start with a single plant and before you know it, there may be a small jungle growing in your home.

Easy to grow indoor plants

Aloe vera

By far one of the most popular indoor plants is the aloe vera. Not only are these plants beautiful, but they are great to have on hand for cuts and burns.

Like many cacti, aloe vera is a fairly low maintenance plant. They are best grown in a well-draining pot filled with cactus soil or potting soil with extra perlite added. A south-facing window that provides plenty of light is the best place to grow aloe vera. They can grow in moderate light but thrive in full sun. The soil needs to dry out completely between waterings. Unlike most indoor plants, aloe vera does not require fertilizing.

Aloe vera are quite prolific plants. They will regularly produce baby plants or pups, and these should be removed and placed into their own pots. Pups can easily overcrowd the mother plant and if enough are growing, they will add to much weight to the pot, potentially off-balancing it, cause it to fall over.

Parlor Palm

Palms are another plant that is often found in shops, usually marked as a generic tropical plant. There is a large variety of palm plants, though the vast majority sold in stores are parlor palms. These plants are tolerant of low light conditions but prefer bright indirect light and low to moderate watering. Which makes them perfect for those people who haven’t fully developed their green thumbs.

A parlor palm tends to grow between 2 to 6 feet tall and about 2 feet wide, though in ideal conditions they can reach over 10 feet tall. Though they can bloom, with yellow flowers, it is a rare occurrence when kept indoors. These plants are great to keep in houses with pets as they are non-toxic to animals and humans.

Spider Plant

One of the more popular and readily available house plants to grow. A spider plant does well in most conditions. They work best in hanging baskets, allowing their stems to drape down and truly accentuate their spider-like looks, though regular pots are acceptable as well. Like many indoor plants, a spider plant is known for its air-purifying qualities, however, to get the full benefit of this, you would need a large number of plants.

Spider plants prefer bright indirect sunlight. However, they can thrive in low light areas. These plants will produce flowers and baby plants, known as pups, throughout the year, though it mostly occurs during the summer months. Because of this, it is advisable to only buy a single plant and then expand your collection through the pups. Be careful, as you will soon be overwhelmed by young plants as spider plants can be quite prolific.

Rubber Plant

With its large glossy leaves, rubber plants make quite a nice addition to an indoor garden. Rubber plants can be a slightly finicky plant to grow, but once you know it’s requirements then caring for one is quite easy.

They grow well in moderate light, preferring morning to afternoon sun. Their soil should be kept moist, but not overly wet, so vigilant and regular watering is needed. Another factor to consider is keeping these plants warm. They do not tolerate cooler temperatures, so keeping them in a warm area of the house is crucial, especially during the winter months. Once these conditions are met and maintained, then caring for a rubber plant becomes quite easy.


Adding a pop of color to your indoor garden can help add in some new life to your home. Flowering plants like the kalanchoe are great ways to achieve this. The kalanchoe comes in a variety of colors, though most common is white and pink

Though their appearance may look otherwise, these plants are actually succulents. However, they do not require special cactus soil. I have had great luck with growing them in regular potting soil. They grow best in bright light, though they tend to bloom when they have less light. Like other succulents, it’s important to not overwater these plants. They do prefer more water during the summer months though.

Christmas Cactus

If it wasn’t obvious already, cactus or succulents tend to be the easiest plants to grow indoors. They require only minimal attention and often thrive on neglect. The Christmas cactus is another great option to add to your indoor garden.

For most of the year, a Christmas cactus doesn’t appear too special. However, as the winter months set in, it’s vibrant pink blooms make an appearance, creating quite the pop of color in those dreary days. The plant will bloom for one to two months and then return to its previous non-flowering state. This is the main reason why many indoor gardens contain this plant.

One major difference from other cactus is that the Christmas cactus requires more watering. Regular watering is a must to maintain a healthy plant. They are also fairly tolerant of varying temperatures, allowing them to thrive even in cooler conditions

Whether you already have a few plants in your home or not, consider adding some of these easy to grow indoor plants. Not only will they give you something to admire, but will truly add life to your home.


  1. I have fantasy for indoor plants.Thanks for sharing this information.Very useful for me

    1. I hope you are able to have lots of indoor plants in the future.

  2. Now that I don’t have a cat in the house I am considering a succulent or two. Beautiful plants!

    1. Succulents are great, love how easy they are to care for. Hope you are able to find just the right plants for your home now.

    1. They are quite nice plants to grow.

  3. This is such a great list! I currently have an aloe vera and a kalanchoe which are thriving in my sunny bathroom. I’m for sure going to buy the others now too!

    1. Thank you. Have fun with your plant shopping! I can’t wait to add more to my indoor garden as well.

  4. Need to try calanchoe, I’m not very successful with plants

    1. I hope you give it a try. Even if you aren’t very good with plants it’s worth trying as you will get better with them over time.

  5. I love indoor plants they just lift your interiors. I have couple of succulents and planning to add some more so thank you for sharing this list.

    1. They do indeed really add something to the home. I want to add a few more succulents in the future as well.

  6. This is such a great list and a sore subject for me:) Caring for plants is just something I apparently am VERY bad it. Fortunately, the husband is better at it so he created a small gree patch outside with computerized irrigation so the plants don’t have to count on me to keep them alive. I should try an indoor plant – maybe I will be able to make that survive. I love having fresh flowers and plants inside the house it brightens everything up.

    1. Not everyone has a green thumb. My sister used to kill cactus no matter what she did and now she has a giant thriving garden every year. That’s great that your husband has a green thumb. I hope you do give indoor plants a try. Maybe start with a succulent, as they are one of the easiest plants to take care of and work your way up from there. They really do brighten up rooms.

  7. I’m hopeless with indoor plants, I find outdoor garden ones far easier to keep alive. That said, we do have a couple of aloe veras in the kitchen and my daughter has a palm in her bedroom. They’re not dead yet but luckily they all thrive on neglect, haha! Great tips 🙂

    1. At least you are able to keep the outdoor plants alive. They do really thrive on neglect and that’s what makes them such great plants to have.

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