February 2020 Bokksu – Be My Valentine

One of the best experiences is trying food from a different area of the world. There are a variety of subscription boxes that allow you to try food from around the world. Bokksu is one of those boxes. It brings traditional snacks from Japan to your doorstep. I have been getting the Bokksu subscription for a few months now and really enjoy the chance to try all of the foods. The February 2020 Bokksu had a Valentine Day theme with lots of pink packaging and fruit flavors.

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February 2020 Bokksu

Lotus Root Chips: Plum Flavor

These were quite different. This was my first time having lotus root was I wasn’t sure what to expect. These chips were incredibly crunchy, almost too crunchy. However, the sour plum flavor wasn’t for me. It tasted a bit like vinegar but had more bite to it.

Satsumarche Kagoshima Chiran Tea

This tea was alright. It’s hard to truly judge a tea when you aren’t a tea drinker.

Tsukisamu Anpan: Chocolate

A small chocolate cake filled with white bean paste. The cake was moist and had a great chocolate flavor. I did not notice any distinct flavor coming from the white bean paste. But, the paste was fairly thick and I feel that did take away a bit from the experience of this cake. Had this layer been a bit thinner, I would have enjoyed it more. Even so, this was a pretty good little treat.

White Strawberry

I’ll be honest, if these weren’t freeze-dried strawberries I would have never known what I was eating as the flavor was completely lacking with these. I couldn’t even taste the white chocolate in this.

Giant Caplico: Strawberry

This strawberry marshmallow treat looks like ice cream but lacks all of the cold associated with them. I’m not usually a big marshmallow fan, but this treat I liked and I think it was purely because of the strawberry filling and flavor. A nice little treat that made me think of summer.

Pure Gummy Petite: Lemon Flavor

I’m not usually a fan of lemon-flavored food, but I really enjoyed these gummies. The lemon flavor was lite but still had that slight sour bite.

Hokkaido Pancake Langue De Chat Cookie

Who would have thought that pancakes could come in cookie form? Yet it worked well for this treat. It has that distinct maple flavor of a pancake breakfast yet had a crunch to it.

Choco Magatte C’est Bon: Cherry Flavor

I really enjoyed these puffed rice treats. The cherry flavor mixed well with the white chocolate to make a unique taste. These treats had a light crunch and then would melt away in your mouth.

Izumo No Enmusubi Taiyaki: Azuki Red Bean

I’ve had a few taiyaki over the last few months through various subscription boxes. This one was likely the closest to what you would get fresh from stores around Japan. It was interesting to try but I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of red bean. In small doses it’s alright, but I couldn’t imagine eating a bigger amount of it.

Strawberry Tartlet

A little bit of summer. This little tartlet was a perfect snack or mini dessert. The strawberry flavor was nice and bold and was complimented by the pastry.

Mugikko Chocolate Wheat Puffs

These were my favorite item this month. They were very reminiscent of chocolate-coated puffed rice. There’s not a huge flavor difference between puffed rice and puffed wheat.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Sakura Shrimp

My second favorite item. Puffed mochi is my favorite way to eat mochi. I will say that the shrimp flavor was so strong that I didn’t really taste the sakura, but since I love shrimp this wasn’t a problem. I really love how puffed mochi melts in your mouth after a light crunch.

Beika Mairasu Rice Cracker: Plum + Kombu Flavor

Plum and kelp are not two flavors I would ever think to put together and yet that combination was fantastic. These rice crackers were a nice tasty treat and the only downside was that there weren’t more of them.

Anpanman Age Senbei

These soy and honey-flavored fried rice crackers were quite good. They are far crunchier and thicker than the other rice crackers. The soy did overpower the honey a bit but not so much that it ruined it. A nice little crunchy snack that is perfect for tying you over until your next meal.

Overall, the February 2020 Bokksu was pretty good. It had a nice mix of flavors and textures throughout. Have you ever tried Bokksu or any of these Japanese snacks?

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  1. It looks like you received a lot of goodies in this month’s box. Age senbei is one of my favorite Japanese snacks. I used to eat it all the time when I was in college. And I love that they have Anpanman on the package. I have a stuffed one. Thanks for sharing the yummy goodies you got this month.

    1. Age senbei is great. I wish I could get it, and several other items, in my grocery store but sadly where I live that isn’t going to happen. That’s neat that you have a stuffed Anpanman.

  2. The chocolate and the tart look really good. Actually everything looks good!

    1. They really were good. It’s why I enjoy these boxes so much, as they contain so many delicious items.

  3. It is such an interesting thing, trying other countries and cultures treats, it always surprises me how different flavors and preferences are from one country to the next. This box sounds super interesting. I actually cooked Azuki beans a few times and liked them, I remeber it being considered a superfood or something like that. It’s nice getting special treats, I like the concept.

    1. Yes, it’s a great experience and really opens you up to new flavors that you wouldn’t otherwise get to try. I wouldn’t mind trying to cook Azuki beans. I didn’t know they were a superfood.

  4. It’s too bad that the white chocolate strawberries didn’t live up to your expectations since they sounded pretty amazing! At least some of the other strawberry items made up for it!

    1. Yes, I was really looking forward to them and it was a bit of a letdown that they weren’t great. Ah well, that’s what happens sometimes. Overall though, my experiences with Bokksu have always been positive.

  5. Wow, that is a LOT of goodies in a one box. I’ve never heard of this company before but we do like to try foods from other cultures so I’ll have to see if we’ve got something similar in the UK. Great review, those pancakes sound delicious!

    1. Yes, the box contains a ton of goodies. I believe they are relatively new, it was by random chance that I found out about them. I hope you are able to find something similar or possibly even give Bokksu a try.

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