Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Characters In X Genre

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Favorite Characters In X Genre.

Well since I still do a large amount of reading in the Fantasy genre I will go with that one for my list. Though admittedly I wish I could sneak some characters from other genres onto this list as well since I enjoyed them so much. But I shall save them for something in the future. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Phedre no Delaunay from Kusiehl’s Dart. She’s smart, sexy, well skilled and a lot more brave than some people would give her credit. This character surprised me when I read the book because honestly I figured being in her profession she would be weak and balk at the smallest of challenges. Boy was I wrong.
  2. Karigan G’ladheon from Green Rider. How could I not include KArigan on this list. While I admit she is stronger in the first few books than the most recently published book Blackveil I just love Karigan.
  3. Valeria from The Mountain’s Call. While she ended up winning the others trust and respect as a boy quite easily Valeria had to work hard to gain it back when her true gender was known. But she didn’t let anything stop her from achieving her goals and saving the kingdom.
  4. Puck Connoly from The Scorpio Races. Puck because she’s willing to risk her life to try and win money for her family so they can survives once her older brother leaving the island. Plus she really proves herself to be capable with whatever is thrown her way.
  5. Azhure from The Wayfarer Redemption Seres. Her role starts off small and I had initially looked her character over as being minor but as the story progressed she really showed how strong of a character she was.
  6. Rhapsody from Rhapsody: Child of Blood. She had her world ripped apart and still had the strong to endure and become a strong and capable character. Not everyone can travel through the center of the world and come out on the other side looking as good as she did.
  7. Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races. Sean because although he’s a quiet character at first he really grew on me, he truly cares for the water horses and all the horses for that matter. Plus anyone who can start working for Malvern and keep his sanity wins in my book.
  8. Faraday from The Wayfarer Redemption Series. Anyone who can survive not only being betrothed but then married to Duke Borneheld deserves to be on the list. While Faraday doesn’t start off as an overly strong character she does gain confidence and strength as the story progresses and does prove that sometimes it takes a quieter and gentler soul to win the day.

Alright so I didn’t quite make it to ten. I’m sure I missed some I had intended to put on the list, I blame lack of sleep for their absence. What are your favorite characters in a certain genre?

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