Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Couples

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Favorite Romances.

This one might be a bit hard to reach ten on. I only recently, as in a few months ago, started to read books from the romance genre and while many of the books I have read of other genres do have romances in them they aren’t the main focus of the story so I’m not sure if I will count them or not. These are listed in no particular order.

  1. Slade McPherson and Jordana Lawton from The Last Cowboy. So this was the first book specifically from the romance genre that I read and really enjoyed. The romance slowly grew throughout the story while appealed to me a new reader of romance. I really wish there could be another book with them in it, even if they did make minor appearances in the next book of the series.
  2. Phèdre nó Delaunay and Joscelin Verreuil from Kushiel’s Dart. It’s not a perfect romance for these two given their backgrounds and what happened to them along the way, but the fact that they ended up together was really a great part of the book. I look forward to see what develops not only with them but the story line as a while in the next two books.
  3. Griff McPherson and Val Hunter from The Wrangler. Similar to The Last Cowboy the romance between these two slowly grew over the course of the book and I really enjoyed that. It was great to see Griff being the man that Val really needed in her life and for Val to find Griff. They had their trials along the way but that only helped their love for each other grow.
  4. Dakota Lansing and Zach Chisholm from Wrangled. While I admit that I was more interested in the suspense portion of this book than the romance I did enjoy the growing love between Dakota and Zach and watching them fight not only for that love but for their lives as well.
  5. Destry Grant and Rylan West from Unforgiven. Another case of enjoying the suspense more than the romance but I have to say that having something external trying to tear two lovers, or in this case, past lovers apart again really adds an extra layer of appeal to the romance part of the story.
  6. Tomas Hart and Cheyenne Sundell from Tomas: Cowboy Homecoming. There were so many great factors in this romance, each of them were hurting yet each of them were struggling to accept the help the other offered.
  7. Axis and Azhure (and partially Faraday) from The Wayfarer Redemption Series. Almost a love triangle and yet not quite. While these books are classified as Fantasy the romance between these characters does play a significant role in the story. I have to admit I was glad Axis ended up with Azhure in the end and not Faraday but the lead up to that was amazing.
  8. Princess Leia and Han Solo from The Courtship of Princess Leia. Okay, I realize their romance started a bit before this book, in fact it technically started in the movies, but this book is where they have to fight for that love, where Han has to prove he’s a better choice than some rich Hapian Prince to Leia.
  9. Cas Lowood and Anna Korlov from Anna Dressed In Blood. It takes a certain kind of person to fall in love with a ghost, especially a murderous one, and Cas definitely was one of those people. Their romance was unconventional and that was what made it so appealing.

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