February 2017 Reading Wrap-Up

With March here, it’s time to take a moment to look back at all the things I accomplished in February. In total I read six books during the month of February.

So what did I read in February?

  • Bird & Squirrel On The Run by James Burks
  • Bird & Squirrel On Ice by James Burks
  • Bird & Squirrel On The Edge by James Burks
  • Bird & Squirrel On Fire by James Burks
  • In Shade And Shadow by Barb & J.C. Hendee
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer

The month started off so strong. I read those six books in the first six days of the month. Then I got busy. I was trying to continue with the house purge I started in January. I did manage to get some of that done, mostly small areas like closets and bathrooms, but certainly not as much as I had intended. On top of that, I had lots of baking to do throughout the month, so a lot of my time was spend in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning up after cooking.

I didn’t watch a lot of movies or TV during the month. I did watch the first season of The Golden Girls, after getting the entire series on DVD on sale. I’m really enjoying watching this show again. On Netflix I watched I Am Your Father, Dark Horse, First Contact: Lost Tribe of The Amazon, The True Cost, 13th The Great Alone. I also finished up the third season of Gilmore Girls. For movies we ended up watching The Karate Kid Part 3, Airplane, Thelma & Louise, Balto 2: Wolf Quest and The Next Karate Kid. On the TV, I watched River Monsters, Alaska: The Last Frontier, My 600lbs Life, Westminster Kennel Club Show, Star Wars: Rebels and Heartland

One of the more important things I did this month was buy a new desk and finally set up a part of the house dedicated to writing. I chose the spot beside my reading corner mostly because it was really the only place available in the house that would be distraction free as possible. Since then, I have been spending several hours each day working on my writing. All in all, February was a good month.

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