Book Review: Freak of Nature

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

While the start to this story didn’t blow me away I had to admit I was fairly interested in seeing how things would pan out. However there were a few things that stood out to be at the beginning and even throughout the book that did bother me on various levels.

After reading the synopsis I thought this book would be set more in the future, with all kinds of new technology, hence why they were combining a human with a robot, yet products being mentioned like Facebook and American Eagle had me a bit disappointed. I was really hoping there would be little to no attachment to modern day technologies and companies. So instead of getting a book set in the future, it was a current day setting with some futuristic ideas tossed in. Finding out this book was set in 2014 made me shake my head a bit, it wasn’t in the future enough and other than cyborgs it really had nothing futuristic which made it only borderline SciFi to me.

As far as characters go I think Kaitlyn was fairly solid. She didn’t just give up, taking the precaution of pretending to be emotionless when she did in fact still retained some of her emotions. Lucas was an alright character, though I never felt a strong connection to him. The instant attraction of Katilyn to Lucas was definitely off putting for me, especially since I initially thought that he was much older than her. When I found out that he was twenty years old and held such an important role because he was a genius I was able to relax a bit in that regard and become more accepting of the relationship growing between the pair.

I also would have liked to have seen something, even a short chapter, of Kaitlyn before she became a science experiment, I can understand why it wasn’t done but it felt to me like smething was missing right from the beginning. Some small bit of story before the experiment begins would have made it fell a bit more solid and give the reader a better understanding of who Kaitlyn was while not giving a full biography of her at the same time.

I also found the idea of trying to make a super solider, be it through genetic or technological means, to be an older concept. There have been a number of books and movies who have used that idea, think Captain America, Universal Solider and even Inspector Gadget are among the many that use enhanced humans.

While the story wasn’t very unique it did have a good flow to it. The writing style was pretty good writing, though there were a few parts along the way where I felt it faltered, whether it was a result of a lull in the story or something else I’m not sure. The story was overall alright, had decent characters and a fairly good ending that could leave the reader either satisfied to not read beyond this book or continue on with the series.. May check out the rest of the series but wont rush to do so. Fans of Young Adult will likely enjoy this book, though those looking for a solid SciFi book may very well be disappointed.

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