Garden update August 2019 – Growing & harvesting

With August coming to an end, it means that the garden is that much closer to being done. It seems early, however, where I live it’s simply a fact of life. Our gardening season is fairly short, especially given that we live in a cool climate. However, this year seems to be the exact opposite of that which has created a number of challenges over the past few months. That being said, while some parts of the garden are struggling, others are doing phenomenally. Gardening can be such an unpredictable hobby, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. This garden update August 2019 will cover how things are growing, what is being harvested and the struggles of the month.

Garden update August 2019

What’s growing well

The green beans are doing amazing. Over the course of the month, they have grown a lot, put on flowers and now are producing lots of beans. Every plant has a lot of beans growing and even more flowers coming in. This means I will soon be harvesting beans regularly and canning them. I am excited to see just how much of a harvest we get this year. Green beans are also the most productive part of the garden and this year seems to be no different.

Garden update August 2019 - Green beans

Another spot in the garden than is doing well are the cabbages. I honestly didn’t think they would do much. I’ve tried to grow cabbages before, but they have never really formed heads or grown much. This year they are growing like crazy and forming heads. While they are all doing well, I would say that the green cabbage is the real winner. The heads are already quite large and I look forward to seeing just how big they get before harvest time.

Garden update August 2019 - Green and red cabbages.

The raspberries are doing well too. I honestly forgot we had raspberry bushes in the backyard since I’m not a fan of them. But I noticed them the other day and was surprised to see just how many berries were on them. I have begun harvesting a few every day for the family to snack on.

What’s doing okay

Generally speaking, the rest of the garden fits into the okay category. The carrots seem to be a mix of good and not good this year. One bed of them is growing well and yet the other looks like it was planted a month later, yet they were planted the same day. I don’t really know what’s going on with them this year.

The celeriac root seems to be doing okay as well. However, since this is a root crop I can’t say for certain yet. At least the top part of the plant looks happy and healthy.

The spinach and broccoli have now bolted. I have decided to leave the plants in the garden for the pollinators and to potentially collect seeds from the plants later.

It’s hard to tell how exactly the Brussel sprouts are doing. The plants are short and don’t really show any signs of growing the sprouts. However, I remember them doing exactly that last year and then suddenly one day they were covered in tiny sprouts. So I will keep my eye on them to see if they finally start producing.

What is struggling

I feel like struggling is an understatement when talking about the onions. I’ve been growing onions for several years now, and while some years are better than others, this year has been terrible. It’s funny because they started off so strong. Within a couple of weeks, they had a nice amount of growth on them. Then out of nowhere, they started dying. I still have no idea what caused it. However, in the end, all of the onions died.

What we have harvested

This early in the season, despite it coming closer to the end now, there isn’t much to pick. The last of the radishes were harvested at the beginning of the month. Though we could have planted another round of them, which would be harvested in a few weeks, we decided against it.

The only other plants that we have been harvesting is the herbs. Our one parsley plant is producing like crazy and has now been harvested four times. The basil has given us two small harvests, however, the cooler nights seem to be having a negative effect on it. I don’t think it will survive much longer. The chives are doing amazing and we have been enjoying picking them over the past few weeks. I have been busy drying all of the herbs for future use, though we have used them fresh here and there.

Front flower garden

Though this garden is relatively neglected, it is doing really well. I don’t give this small space the attention it deserves, because I focus my attention on growing food. However, it seems to be thriving on neglect. The flowers have grown huge in the last couple of weeks and add a nice touch to the front yard.

The part I am most excited about is the chocolate mint plant. Not only had it grown tremendously, but it has also done a great job of deterring spiders from the front door. Which is exactly why I planted it in the first place. I plan to propagate a small cutting of it to grow indoors over the winter. Soon, I will also begin to harvest and dry its leaves.

Garden update August 2019 - Chocolate mint plant

That’s it for the garden update August 2019. Though this growing season has been full of new challenges I am still happy that I am able to grow a garden. What is your garden up to?


  1. Your garden looks amazing! We would have never thought to plant raspberries…such a great idea. Love how you have unique plants like the chocolate mint!
    We really need to get the guts up to attempt a garden…

    1. Thanks. The raspberries were here when we moved in and it’s nice for hubby and the boy who love raspberries. I do enjoy experimenting with unique plants and the chocolate mint was a great addition this year. I hope you do try gardening, it’s such a fun thing to do plus you get food out of it.

  2. Your garden looks great! I wonder why the onions didn’t do so great this year.

    1. Thanks. I still have no idea what killed off the onions. May have just been a fluke or something in the soil.

  3. Your garden looks great, it looks so neat! Love the deer(?) ornament in the flower bed. Would love to try growing cabbages! x

    1. Thanks. The deer ornament is my favorite part of the flower garden. I’ve had it since I was a teenager. Cabbages are pretty fun to grow.

  4. The garden looks great and I’m sure you will create some delicious meals with the fruit and veg you have grown 🙂

    1. Thanks. Maybe meals using fresh veggies is always a highlight of the gardening season.

  5. No way, I didn’t know that chocolate mint plants deter spiders! Thanks for sharing this tip; I absolutely hate spiders. Your garden looks fantastic, especially your beautiful green beans! Ü

    1. They do! In fact, all mint plants deter spiders and mice. Putting mint near your doors will help stop spiders from sneaking into your house. Thanks. My green beans are also the best part of my garden.

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