August in books, my thoughts on what I read

August has come to an end and so has my reading time for the month. With each month that passes, ensuring that I stick with, or sometimes surpass, my monthly reading goals, I am able to reduce the number of books in my enormous TBR. There was a time when I thought I would never reach the end of my TBR. However, I can now see that it won’t take me as long as I thought to get through all of the remaining books. Despite being not the strongest of reading months, I am still happy with what I did read in August. Honestly, as a reader, there will be months where you just don’t get a lot of reading done. That was August for me. August in books in the eighth installment of my ongoing series highlighting the books that I read each month.

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August in books

Unstoppable by Bill Nye

Whether you believe in climate change or not, this is a book worth reading. Nye highlights the changing world, with a major focus on technologies that are or will be coming to effect soon. Many of these can help immensely to fight climate change, and in some cases reverse it. He also notes, of the current and upcoming technology, what is positive and negative about them. Then goes on to explain what changes can or should be made to improve them. But not only that, but he also shares how he has put his knowledge and expertise to work on his own house making it more efficient and cutting down his carbon emissions.

Showdown at Hole-In-The-Wall by Ralph Cotton

Westerns are often hit or miss with me, but this one was a definite hit. Though there were one or two small things that I wish had gotten a bit more focus on, overall this was a great read. This book is a perfect example of why I love the western genre so much. All the elements that you come to expect from a western are there and the writing is beautiful.

Babylon’s Ark by Lawrence Anthony

Having previously read Anthony’s other two books, I was excited to finally get to this one. One thing about Anthony’s books is it really puts into perspective how challenging it is to work in wildlife rescue and conservation. Of course, this book adds another layer to that since it chronicles his journey to rescue the animals of the Bagdad Zoo admit the war. Babylon’s Ark showcases the courage of Anthony, American soldiers, and the Iraq zoo workers who risked life and limb to save these animals and restore the zoo.

The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee

This was a book I had picked up on a whim a couple of years ago at the bookstore. Overall, this was a fast read. The plot keeps up a steady pace throughout so there are no dull moments. It did feel a little short, however, as a first book in the series, it sets the groundwork for future books. Though I didn’t feel a huge connection to the main characters, I will be reading the next book in the series to see how things progress from here.

August in books stats

  • Books read: 4
  • Books purchased: 2
  • Books DNF’d: 1
  • Books purged: 3

Though these are my opinions, please understand that they should not prevent you from reading any of these books. A book that I don’t like could be a book that you end up loving. Always give books a chance.

What did you read in August? Any books you think I should check out?


    1. Thanks. It was certainly a very interesting and eyeopening read.

  1. I’ll have to check the Bill Nye book out. That sounds really interesting. I actually read a lot more in August than I thought I would. 🙂

    1. I hope you do, it’s a great read. That’s great that you were able to do lots of reading in August.

  2. Oooooo! Babylon’s Ark sounds really interesting! We will have to go check that out.
    Right now, I am currently reading the Eve Duncan series by Iris Johansen. It is a great series if you love mysteries! I’m on book #5 called Blind Alley.

    1. I highly recommend it and his other books. I’ve heard of the Eve Duncan series but haven’t read any of them. I do enjoy mysteries so I will have to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Yeah I get you. I’ve struggled to read so far this month. Westerns are hit or miss for me too. I used to love them so much more than I do now. Sounds like your TBR work is progressing nicely.

    1. Summer just isn’t my best time to read, there too much to do like enjoying nice weather. I do feel like westerns have lost some of their appeal, but I still try to read them here and there. What’s your favorite western? My TBR is coming along nicely.

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