Book Review: Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

There was a decent enough start to this book. Part of me liked the fact it started at a Renaissance Faire, mostly because I have always wanted to go to one, but part of me felt it wasn’t as interesting of a start as the first book. It’s actually one of the things I would want to change in the book, since the beginning of the book is what captures the reader and I didn’t feel this beginning was as solid as it could be.

Now I hate compared one book to the other, even if they are in the same series, right off the bat but unfortunately in this case I found myself doing just that when I was reading this one. And it wasn’t just at the start I was doing this comparison but throughout the whole book.

Throughout the story the reader is reintroduced to characters from the first book including Muriel the maid, Lady Chesterfield, Mrs. Kingsbridge and a few others. It was nice to have some recurring characters, especially since the two books happen close together time wise and in the same general area. However, I felt that those who hadn’t read the first book before this one might be a little lost as to who all these characters were along with the events that are referred to. Technically one could read it as a standalone if they wished but there would be parts that might not make as much sense to them as to those who had read the prior book.

Avery was an okay male protagonist, but overall I felt that his character lacked something to make me really like him. He did grow a bit on me throughout the story but not enough for my opinion of him to change. Leah was, well she was a better character than Avery, but again I felt that she could have been a bit different, thought exactly how different I can’t say. It’s obviously Leah assumes too much in the beginning and is a bit blind to things. Thankfully though a little past the halfway point she begins to see things clearly and starts to head in the right direction but I still wonder how she stayed so oblivious for so long. Over time Leah did grow on me, not as much as I had hoped she would but enough to make me enjoy the book.

I liked the twist near the end involving the mirror and for a moment or two I thought the book would end much different than I originally thought it would. However that was really the only big twist in the story and for the most part I was simply waiting for something to happen, something that took far too long to occur.

Overall this was a quick and fairly fun read. I’d highly suggest reading the first book, Geek Girl And The Scandalous Earl, before picking up this one just so you have a full understanding of previous events and background of characters that have made it into both books. I think people will enjoy this book and would recommend it to those looking for a quick romantic read. I will keep my eye out for other books to come in this series and hope that they more reflect the first book than this one.

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