Top Ten Tuesday: Things Getting in the Way of Reading

Life is full of interruptions. We may want to accomplish something but there are often things stopping us from doing just that. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and I wish I could do it all day every day, but let’s be realistic, that’s impossible. Even so, I do my best to try to set aside time every day to read. Yet, recently, there have been things getting in the way of reading. That is what we will be exploring today as part of Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic was a freebie, so I decided to do one of the recent topics that I missed.

Things Getting in the Way of Reading

My new puppy

Back at the end of May, we got a new puppy. Miko is adorable and so fun to have but she is also a major timesink. Between keeping track of her, playtime, training, and everything else, she eats up a lot of my time. When she sleeps, I busy myself with doing tasks around the house that I can’t easily do when she’s awake. Reading has taken a backseat because of her but I wouldn’t change a thing because I love her and know that she won’t always absorb my every moment in the future.

A German Shepherd puppy lays on a wooden deck.
Our new German Shepherd puppy, Miko.

The garden

I love gardening and it’s something I look forward to every summer. My garden is quite large and was expanded this year as well. It takes a decent chunk of time to plant, weed, and maintain the garden at the moment. It will also be very time-consuming when harvest time comes around. Reading can happen at any time, but gardening has a window in which to do it, so I choose the garden over reading time during the summer.

Video Games

I don’t have to play World of Warcraft but I love the game. Admittedly, I do probably spend too many hours playing it but I keep going to it when I could do reading. However, raiding with my guild is something I really look forward to each week, so I don’t want to completely give it up, perhaps I can work on limiting the time I spend playing it.


As much as I try not to get sucked into Youtube, it happens far too often. I sit down to watch one video and suddenly a few hours have passed by. Imagine how much reading I could get done in that same amount of time.


This one is unavoidable but sometimes sleep is my priority. As much as I want to read, sleep is more important to me. If only there was a way for me to sleep and read at the same time then the world would be an amazing place.

Book Indecision

I’m sure many readers will be familiar with this. The time to read finally arrives and then the ability to choose what to read eats up all of your reading time. When you finally settle on the right book, there is no time left to read. Despite picking out monthly TBRs, I often find it hard to pick my next read and actually read it in decent time.

While I didn’t quite get to ten, these few things certainly keep me from my books at the moment. What things getting in the way of reading your books?


  1. Totally with you on games & youtube. This past weekend was rainy, but I spent most of it playing through half a year in Stardew Valley…

  2. Oh, puppies are the BEST reason for not having time to read (unless they eat your books). What an absolute cute-patootie! Gardening is a close second. I wish that were me in both cases, but alas…

    YouTube is what’s been getting me the most lately. I was so proud of myself for never installing TikTok, but damned if YouTube Shorts didn’t simply get me perma-scrolling the exact same way.

    1. Author

      The first thing I did was train her to stay away from my books – just in case. Good job avoiding TikTok, something I have also done. YouTube Shorts can create quite the rabbit hole of watching.

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