It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #10

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys. It is a great way to recap what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and to plan out your reading and reviews for the upcoming week. It’s also a great chance to see what others are reading right now…who knows, you might discover that next “must read” book!

I had another good reading week last week. While I didn’t quite complete the one book I had planned to read, The Defender by Lindsay McKenna, I did put a dent in it. Turns out the book is just a bit of a slow read, so while I do plan to finish it hopefully this week, I did need to set it down a time or two and give my attention to other books. It’s just one of those stories that slow but for a reason and I’m sure that one I reach the point where everything it has been leading up to hits I will be glad I kept on reading.

I did manage to finish two books from the World of Warcraft series that I have been dying to read. Wolfheart by Richard A.Knaak and Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden. I was pleasantly surprised by both books, especially considering I’m not a fan of the Alliance from all my years of playing World of Warcraft. Reviews of these two books will come sometime in the future as I flip flop between more reading and typing up reviews. I will admit I was worried about reading Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War simply because in her last book, Thrall: Twilight of The Aspects, Christie Golden’s writing seemed to have slipped a bit and that book disappointed me thoroughly. But the author redeemed herself in Jaina Proudmoore and I was so glad this character was finally given a book of her own.

I also listened to an audiobook last week. It was an interesting thing listening to a book instead of reading it, but I have to say I was pleased with my experience. Unlike when reading a book, which gives you little freedom to do anything else, an audiobook let’s you do other things while listening. I could fold laundry, do the dished, reply to emails and other things around the house while listening to it. I picked Corralled by Lorelei James for a few reasons. One, I remember reading one of her books from the Rough Rider series a while back and enjoyed her different writing style. Secondly I took a long time listening to a large number of samples before settling on an audiobook to get for my free one from There were a lot of books that sounded good from the description but after listening to the sample I cringed at the choice of narrators. So when I listened to the sample of Corralled I found the narrator Scarlet Chase to have a good voice that I believed I could listen to for several hours on end. Now Corralled is far from the typical book I would pick up, but hey that’s the whole point of this blog and what I am doing with all these books from genres I would normally never read from.  I’ll post my review of this audiobook sometime this month.

Overall I was pleased with the various books I read and partially read last week. I got to pick up a few I had been dying to read, got my first taste of audiobooks. The the upcoming week I’m going to do my best to finish The Defender, I will also be looking at a few older books as well as new ones.  Unforgiven by B.J. Daniels is likely next on my roster, along with The Forgotten Queen by D.L. Bogdan as I’ve been craving Historical Fiction lately. If I can keep up my momentum with reading from the last two books I’ll tack on some more after I finish these, but as I’m letting my mood choose which books I read I can’t say for sure what else I plan to read at the moment.

What books did you read last week? Did you enjoy them or find them lacking? What books do you plan to read this week?

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