January goals

January is here! Not only are we entering a new month but also a new year. It’s the beginning of new opportunities, which means setting up new goals. Much like in the previous months, my January goals will encompass various aspects of my life. Though it is a new year, which means I have a lot I want to accomplish, I also don’t want to burn myself out right out of the starting gate. So January is going to be a light goals month, but it will also allow me to evaluate where I want to go over the course of the year and adjust my future month’s goals accordingly. Before I dive into January’s goals, let’s take a moment to review how I did with my December goals.

How I did with my December goals

  • Read at least four books. Yes, I read 15 books! I ended up reading, Orange Volumes 1-6 by Ichigo Takano, The Royal Tudor Volumes 1-3 by Higasa Akai, Murder, She Wrote: Destination Murder by Donald Bain, The Natural by Dusty Richards, and Matilda by Roald Dahl. Lastly, at the request of my son, I read the Bone: Quest For The Spark trilogy by Jeff Smith & Tom Sniegoski.
  • Learn to crochet. I still have a ways to go, but I did get a start on this. In fact, I only started in the last few days of the month but learned so much in that time. I even made a hat over the course of two days, although it ended up being too big.
  • Watch one season of a show. That and so much more. In total, I watched four full seasons of shows over the month. I watched 1 season of Gunslinger Girl, 1 season of Recovery of An MMO Junkie, 1 season of No Game, No Life, 1 season of Erased, and 1 season of Appleseed XIII. On top of this, I watched 13 episodes of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, 12 episodes of Sword Art Online Alicization, 12 episodes of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, 3 episodes of Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? and 3 episodes of Goblin Slayer. As you can see, it was a very anime-heavy month, but I really enjoyed watching all of these shows.
  • Try a new recipe. Yes and no. I did make some cheesy turkey and broccoli noodle bakes for the freezer, which I have never made before, but we didn’t eat any of them. So technically yes I made a new recipe but without having actually eaten any of it, I don’t know if they are good or not.
  • Make and can BBQ sauce. Didn’t do this. The main reason is we have a number of bottles of store-bought BBQ sauce in our cupboard that I want to use up first.
  • Continue to stay ahead on posts. Haha, nope! I did for the first half of the month but then I fell behind again.
  • Complete all Blogmas posts. Nope. I did quite a bit of Blogmas, but honestly, it became too stressful to try to have something ready for every day. Maybe I will try this again next year but start planning well in advance so that I can actually pull it off.
  • Start planning out January posts. Not really. I have some ideas of what I want to post in January, but I don’t really have all the posts planned out and certainly very few are typed up right now.
  • Growing follower numbers. I would say this was a success as my overall follower numbers on all social media went up.

January goals

As I mentioned before, I don’t want to overwhelm myself at the beginning of the year, so my January goals will be a bit on the light side.

Life goals

  • Read at least 8 books. I did so well last month that I feel I can continue to do so this month. I feel like 8 is a good goal number, though there is a good chance I will read more than this.
  • Watch at least 3 seasons of shows. I feel like 3 seasons is a good number. It allows me to watch plenty of shows but not devote every moment of my day to them.
  • Get better at crochet. I am feeling pretty confident with how much I learned in a short time in December, but I want to expand my crochet knowledge over this month. I also plan to make 3 items in crochet. Though I haven’t decided fully what I want to make, I think I will try to make another hat – one that fit properly this time, perhaps some socks or slippers and maybe a dishcloth.
  • Eat from the pantry and freezer. We have lots of food in the house, so I want to do a pantry challenge, which we did back in November during our no-spend month. This will help us cut our grocery bill down for the month.

Blogging goals

  • Get ahead on posts again. I feel like this is important to keep the stress of blogging at bay. So I am going to work hard to get and stay ahead.
  • Grow follower numbers. Like before, I am not going to set a specific number, but the overall aim is growth.

There they are, my goals for January. I think this will make a good start to the year and give me plenty of time to figure out what I want to achieve this year and then set up goals to be able to reach those points. What are your January goals?


    1. Thank you! Hope your 2019 is fantastic!

  1. Happy new year!

    I watched a lot anime last month too 🙂 Some of the ones that you watched are on my ”to watch” list. I tried learning how to crochet a long time ago. It didn’t go well I just ended tieing bunch of knots.

    Wishing you luck and hope you have an amazing year.


    1. Awesome. Which anime did you end up watching? I can always use more anime to add to my to-watch list. It can be easy to end up with knots in crochet, but it could be worth giving it a try again.

  2. These seem like some great goals for the start of a new year! Will be eagerly watching your crochet progress since it’s something I want to try later on this year.

    1. Thanks. Crochet is pretty fun and addictive. Will be happy to give you any pointers when you do start it.

  3. These sound like some great goals! 15 books in December! WOW! That is great!
    How did you manage that and have time for everything else? Do you read really fast?
    This is a great idea, breaking your goals down by month.
    I hope you reach all of your goals for January!
    ~ Ray

    1. Thanks. As for reading 15 books in a month, well I do read pretty fast for the most part. However, manga read even faster, so that’s part of the reason I got through so many. I think the longest book I read was about 350 pages, so about 3 hours to read it, maybe a bit more. How I had time for everything else? Well, I don’t know. Some days I can be super productive and others I can’t. Guess it was just the luck of the draw and that I had a particularly productive month.

      1. That’s great! You’ve really inspired me! I’m reading 3 books this month. A little here and there every day, but I should be finished with all 3 by the end of the month.
        One is a devotional, one is a spiritual growth book, and then a work of Christian fiction. It’s been a good month so far, even though I’ve been sick all month!
        Thanks for the inspiration to pick up some books! I hope I can keep up the habit of reading everyday. I don’t know if I’ll ever hit 15 books in one month though! lol
        ~ Ray

        1. Three books in a month is still a good number. Not everyone has the time to read a lot of books, or doesn’t read as fast as others. I’m glad that I could inspire you to pick up some books. Reading is such a great activity. Set aside a certain amount of time every day to reading and you might be surprised how many books you can go through.

  4. Happy new year! Reading 15 books is so impressive on its own – I can’t believe you had time for that and anything else. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I think it was a pretty darn good month.

  5. Dang, 15 books! I go through spurts with reading, though I do enjoy it. A couple months will go by with maybe only a single book finished and then I’ll power through multiple books in a couple weeks.

    Good goals for January – I don’t think you’ll have an issue hitting your reading goal. Can’t wait to see your crochet projects.

    1. Yeah, it was a pretty good reading month, but nowhere near my biggest reading month. I can be like that sometimes, all depends on my mood and what else I am doing, but there have been times where I haven’t touched a book in months. Thanks, really looking forward to sharing my crochet work in the future.

  6. I like you are setting your monthly goals – good luck with them all. I imagine that when you are an expert in crochet you’ll be able to crochet and watch the shows at the same time 🙂 x

    1. Thanks. I find monthly goals keep me on track because they are somewhat short term goals but still have a decent amount of time to accomplish them. I hope I can do that someday, but right now, I still need to pay attention to my stitches constantly.

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