July 2013 Book Haul

Another month has come and gone and another stack of books has entered my house. I had actually been doing pretty good on the book buying thing this month, but then yesterday happened and thirty-eight books came home with me.

The first books I bought this month are several Star Wars novels that I’ve been missing from the series. I just happened to find sixteen out of the thirty-two books I need to have all the books from A New Hope onward in the timeline. While I’m still missing a few books set before A New Hope I’m concentrating on the books after the Original Trilogy first. Unfortunately I put these books on my shelf before taking a picture of them and I didn’t feel like taking them all down after the fact, so no picture of these.

Then the big purchase came. I happened upon someone in town selling some Goosebumps books and I couldn’t say no to these. I loved these books as a kid and just had to buy them not only for myself but for my son when he’s a bit older. So these thirty-eight books were added to my growing pile around the house.

So in total I bought fifty-four books during the month of July. Again I went way over what I intended to buy but I am still happy with my purchases. I am not going to try to put myself on a book buying ban for August simply because I’m going on vacation during the month and I know I will be hitting as many book stores as I can to try to clear out my to-buy book list.

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