July 2015 Reading Wrap-Up

With August here it’s time to take a moment and look back on all the reading that I did in the month of July. The last little while has seen very little reading happening on my end, as a result of that, I only read one book in July.

So what did I read in July?

  • The Virgin’s Daughter by Laura Andersen

So why so little reading? Well, the answer is simple. Summer is my busiest time of the year. With my son off from school, we spend many hours playing and doing things together. I’ve got a very large garden this year that needs more attention than my previous smaller garden (even though the growing season has been fairly lackluster, it still needs regular weeding, watering, etc). We’ve been getting quite a bit of work done on the house this summer, and I cannot read while there is constant banging and things/people coming in and out of the house. Plus, I’ve just been trying to enjoy what little nice weather we have had, because sadly, all too soon winter will be here again.

I have been doing very good about not buying a lot of books this year. I have hundreds (yes, hundreds) of still unread books in the house. I am slowly working through that enormous pile. However, sometimes a book comes out from an author I love or a series I am working on, and I just have to buy it. In July, we headed down to Sudbury for a very short vacation, and while we were there I just HAD to hit up this amazing used book store. I did buy a few books from my list, mostly to fill out series I am missing books from, but I also bought some writing books as well. In total, I brought home 8 books.

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