July 2021 reading wrap-up

Another month of reading has come to an end. As an avid reader, I always look forward to seeing how many books I read in a particular month and how much I love or hate those books – though I always hope I enjoy them. Over the years, my TBR got a bit out of control. However, focusing on the books that I own and limiting new purchases allowed me to whittle that TBR down quite a bit. After two years of reading my own books, it has shrunk quite a bit. Another part I enjoy is sharing what books I read. Not only does it give me a way to gush about the books I love, but I also hope it inspires others to read more – or perhaps read genres they wouldn’t normally pick up. So without further ado, I present my July 2021 reading wrap-up.

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July 2021 reading wrap-up

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

I have been trying to read writing craft books to further my knowledge and improve my writing. This one had been on my radar for a while and I finally picked it up this month. While it does focus on non-fiction writing, I do feel that this can benefit all writers. Much of what he covers can easily be translated into fiction writing and is overall fantastic writing advice. I know I will be referring back to this one regularly and highly recommend it to other writers.

The Place Promised In Our Early Days by Makoto Shinkai

I have enjoyed all of Makoto Shinkai’s story and yet somehow this is one I had never experienced. In fact, I hadn’t even seen the movie version. This book has that general feel of his writing, it’s a story about connections and loss. The world he paints is gorgeous but also has these barriers that the characters must overcome. It does have a slight sci-fi aspect to it, but it is not inherently a sci-fi story. While I read the story fairly quickly, I will say it didn’t fully capture me the way his more recent works did. However, it’s still a fantastic story and if you like his other works then this one is worth checking out.

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

This is a story that I read nearly every year. I have loved it since I was a child, even though it breaks my heart every time. I absolutely love that this is a story told about a horse, from a horse. It gives the story a realistic feel though we ourselves may never truly know what a horse is thinking. If you haven’t read this book yet, you are truly missing out on a wonderful story.

Yona of the Dawn Vol. 30 by Mizuho Kusanagi

I have been looking forward to reading this volume since last month. The story has progressed so much and the plot was coming to a major moment that was bound to happen in this volume – and it did. While the story has a fairly fast pace in this volume, you still get to appreciate every moment. The ending has me a bit worried, as it leaves a few fates still up in the air and I can only hope there is some happiness in the next volume. I can’t recommend this series enough and somewhat dread when it ends because I will no longer get to look forward to more of the story.

48 Hours by William R. Forstchen

I picked up this book because I had enjoyed his John Matherson trilogy, which starts with One Second After. This store is about a CME, a coronal mass ejection, the aftermath, and what will happen when a more devastating solar storm hits an already crippled world. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it could have been. However, I felt like the story was bogged down with too much scientific mumbo-jumbo and politics. While these two items do play a significant role in the story as a whole, it was like chapter after chapter was explaining everything over and over again. The actual story was hidden in between all these facts and it makes it less than pleasant to read.

Personally, I would recommend his book One Second After over this one any day as that story was well done and really brought that particular disaster scenario true justice and life. In fact, that entire trilogy is worth reading.

I hope you enjoyed my July 2021 reading wrap-up. What did you read recently?

July 2021 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 5
  • Books purchased: 2
  • Books purged: 3
  • Books DNF’d: 2


  1. Thanks for your July reading wrap up. I’ll have to check out the book about writing well. I need all the help I can get!

    1. Thank you. I hope you do pick up the writing book, it truly is a helpful resource.

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