July 2022 Bokksu – Manatsu Fruits

Bokksu has become a highly of my monthly experience. Every month, a themed box of traditional Japanese snacks comes to my door. Some of these companies have been around for nearly 100 years and help to showcase snacks that are not readily available elsewhere. Along with a change of theme, the flavors, textures, and areas of Japan highlighted in each box are different. Some months focus on a particular item, such as the Mochi Madness box, whereas others highlight specific flavors like the Midori Moments – which heavily focused on matcha. The theme of the July 2022 Bokksu is Manatsu Fruits. Manatsu means midsummer in Japanese. This box is filled with citrus-flavored snacks that are most commonly found during midsummer.

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July 2022 Bokksu – Manatsu Fruits

Muskmelon Bouchee

I absolutely love cantaloupe, so seeing that this treat has a cantaloupe-flavored cream in it, I knew I would love it. The buns were soft and matched well with the slightly sweet and fruity cream in the middle.

Mori No Madeleine Lemon

Lemon is a hit-or-miss flavor for me. Luckily, this little cake was a hit. The lemon flavor complemented the soft cake well and didn’t contain the harsh tartness or sourness that is typical of lemons.

White Peach Jelly

I love peaches so I was super excited about this one. However, I have found in the past that jelly products aren’t my favorite. This jelly was great. The strong smell of peach wafted out of the package as soon as it was opened and the flavor matched the smell. Though only a small amount of jelly was given, I found myself completely satisfied with this little snack.

Marui Chinsuko: Pineapple

This little cookie didn’t have a ton of pineapple flavor, however, I still enjoyed it.

Mixed Berry Cake

This cake was like taking a bite out of summer! The cake was so soft and moist that I would have thought it was baked the day I ate it. The berry flavor was strong and added that summery hit to the treat. This was one of my favorite snacks this month.


Sastumarche Sakurajima Komikan Tea

I am not a tea drinker but I always give the tea a try. This one wasn’t too bad.

Kamu Kamu: Pineapple

These chewy little candies had a mild pineapple flavor but were also quite addictive. I quickly ate through the entire bag in one sitting.

Levain Crunch Setouchi Lemon

A crunchy biscuit covered in lemon-flavored cream, these treats were delicious. There was a slight sourness to them but overall, the citrus flavor combined with the crunch of the cookie made for a nice little snack.

Natsu Mikan Waffle Cookie

This crunchy waffle cookie was great. The mikan flavor was very enjoyable. I truly wish there was another one because I loved this snack.

Stick Financier: Lemon Tea

Another small cake treat that was so fresh and soft I felt it was freshly baked and not packaged and then shipped across the world. The flavor wasn’t my favorite, as there was a slight bitterness from the tea but overall it was a decent treat.

Yuzu Pon Arare

I was really surprised at how good these cookies were. Yuzu tastes a lot like grapefruit with a hint of mandarin orange. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of grapefruit. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this snack and would have happily eaten more.

Ohita Kabosu Langue De Chat

This tiny little treat was nothing special. There was no flavor and it was honestly too small to even know you had eaten anything.

Shiquasa Fried Rice Crackers & Peanuts

Rice crackers are one of my favorite treats from Bokksu, and this one was of my favorites. Citrus mixed with peanuts may not sound like a good combination and yet this snack was so good I devoured it quickly.

Pokekarin: Lemon

This one was alright. The tanginess of the lemon did become overwhelming after a bit. However, I found that if I only ate a few at a time the tang didn’t become too strong.

Seaweed Tempura: Olive & Wine Vinegar

Initially, I was super excited about this one, as I love seaweed tempura. However, I highly dislike olive. I did give this treat a try but the olive flavor was simply too overwhelming.

Okaki Crackers: Lemon & Salt

At this point, I was a bit tired of lemon-flavored snacks. However, I did enjoy this one quite a bit.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the July 2022 Bokksu. Have you tried Bokksu?


  1. It was nice to learn about this themed box! I’m mouth watering from looking at the photos. The mixed berry cake seems delicious!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed learning about these snacks. The mixed berry cake was fantastic. I wish I could have another one.

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