June goals, what I want to accomplish this month

Hello June! We are mid-way through the year already, can you believe it? Time just seems to be flying by. The arrival of June means it’s time to list my June goals. I know June is going to be a fairly busy month, thus I made the decision to cut back on my goals. This will allow me to focus my time and energy on some things that really need to get done that have been put off for too long. Also, it’s the final month of school, the boy is in soccer and it’s getting nice enough outside that I don’t want to be couped up anymore. Before we get to my June goals, let’s take a moment and see how well I did with my May goals.

How did I do with my May goals?

Life goals

  • Read at least 10 books. Yes! I read a TON of books in May. See what I read here.
  • Watch 3 seasons of shows. Barely got this one. I watched 1 season of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, 1 season of A.I.C.O. Incarnation, and 1 season of Revisions. On top of this, I also watched 5 episodes of The Rising of The Shield Hero, 5 episodes of Fruits Basket, and 7 episodes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  • Try 1 new recipe. Yes! I made okonomiyaki and the whole family loved it. In fact, we loved it so much that I made it twice.
  • Eat from the freezer and pantry. This was by far the most challenging month for this because the freezer and cupboards are pretty empty, but we still did pretty darn good with this.
  • Write 1-2 chapters. Haha, nope!
  • Walk every day. I think we missed 2 or 3 days due to the weather, but otherwise with was a success.
  • Do yoga 2-3 times a week. Well, I did this for one week and then totally forgot about it.
  • Do book research. Yes and no. I did read a book that I had hoped would give me some of the information I was looking for, but it didn’t really cover as much as I had hoped.
  • Spend 30+ minutes learning Japanese every day. Yes! I’ve been really enjoying spending part of my day learning this language. It’s challenging but keeps my mind busy.

Blogging goals

  • Update 5 posts. I honestly don’t know if I got 5 posts updated or not. Though I did work on updating some older posts, I didn’t pay attention to how many I did.
  • Grow social media. I’ll call it a success. I saw growth in all of them, so I’m happy.
  • Get ahead on posts. Not in the slightest.
  • Create new pin images. I got a few done, but I was hoping for more.
  • Find guest blogging opportunities. Nope. This one was a complete failure.

Bonus goals

Though I didn’t hit a lot of my intended goals, I did get several other things done, so I’ll call those bonus goals.

  • Home improvement projects. We really want to move this year, so in May we started working on some projects to add value to our home and make it more appealing to sell. None of these are big projects but they certainly are time-consuming. We managed to redo our gravel pathway in the backyard and also cleaned up edging around the back of the house.

June goals

June is going to be a pretty hectic month, so because of this, I am cutting back on my goals a bit.

  • Read at least 10 books. I’m keeping it at 10 books even though I have always blown this number out of the water. I might not have as much reading time this month.
  • Watch 1 season of a show. Cutting this one back to just one season. I figure I can fit that much in easily, even with being busy.
  • Try 1 new recipe. I think this will always be a goal of mine. I just love trying new recipes.
  • Write 1-2 chapters. Fingers crossed this one happens.
  • Walk every day. We’ve been doing really well with this, and it’s something the family enjoys, so keeping it here even if we are going to be busy.
  • Spend 30+ minutes learning Japanese every day. I enjoy the time I spend each day doing this, so this one has to stay.
  • Plant the garden. It’s coming up on planting time. Mid-June is when I can plant, so need to get it done.
  • Home improvement projects. This is what’s going to keep us busy this month. We tackled a couple in May but there are plenty more to do. There are too many to list, but hoping to knock out a lot of them.

Blogging goals

  • Update 5 posts. It’s something that needs to get done, so hopefully, the next 5 posts I update don’t need too much work.
  • Get ahead on posts. Could June be the month this actually happens?
  • Create new pin images. This feels like a never-ending chore but it really isn’t all that hard. Just need to keep at it until I’m all caught up.

Do you have any goals set for June?


  1. I like the way you share your successes as well as your goals you didn’t achieve. Thanks for your honesty! One of my goals is to take a class to improve my Pinterest skills. I’ve started it, and hope to finish by the end of June.

    1. Thank you. I think it’s important to share when you don’t succeed just as much as it is when you do succeed. That sounds like a great goal. Pinterest is great but it has such a huge learning curve to it.

  2. I think these are all wonderful goals. Thank you for sharing your achievements and the goals you failed to meet- I think so often bloggers try to gloss over and sugar coat their everyday lives. Good luck on your June aspirations!

    1. Yes, I agree with you there. Bloggers don’t want to share their failures, but that’s why I put them out there, to show that I can’t or don’t do everything all the time. Thank you!

  3. You can get ahead on the blog posts this month! I have faith! Good luck with all the others too, it sounds like your going to have a busy month!

    1. I hope you are right, haha. It is going to be busy but that’s okay, better than being bored the whole time.

  4. Just working on the blog…

    1. That’s a good goal to have.

  5. You’ve got some great goals! Make sure you keep track of how many blog posts you update so that you can celebrate hitting that goal (which I’m sure you’ll do!)

    1. Thanks. Yes, I need to keep track of it this month so I know for sure I update the right number, haha.

  6. I totally agree with always needing to try new recipes! I try and do them as often as possible and if I like them then I add them to my recipe tin! Learning Japanese is incredible, it must be such a hard language to learn

    1. I think the best part of trying new recipes is when you find one that is simple but packed full of flavor. Those are my favorites. Learning Japanese is a bit tricky, but once you get the basics down it becomes a lot easier.

  7. Seems like you have had a very productive month! I am particularly impressed with how many books you’ve read! Amazing 🙂 xx

    1. It was a very productive month. Thanks, I am still a little surprised myself by how much I read. Some months are like that I suppose.

  8. I used to write monthly goals in my journal and loved to check of the goals by the end of the month and assign new ones for the next month. Wonder why I lost that habit… Your post has inspired me to start again. Thank you for that and good luck crushing those goals 🙂

    1. I used to do that as well but then fell out of the habit for a while before adding it as a regular feature here. I’m glad I could inspire you to start doing it again. Thank you.

  9. Hey! Well, you don’t have to fail at guest blogging opportunities. I am freaking slammed and moving. If you meant guest posting for other sites, hit me up and let me know what kind of book list we can do together for TUL. ; ) I love that you write out your goals, and I do too! I have to write out weekly blogging tasks, especially, for what I hope to fix, new content, and musts for SM.

    1. Oh, that would be awesome! I will have to message you so we can work out some details. That’s great that you write down your goals as well, it makes them easier to keep track of and mark them done.

  10. Haha, I feel like my goal every month is to get ahead on posts! Maybe one of those days I’ll actually meet it.

    1. Haha, well at least I’m not the only one who keeps adding it to their monthly goals. Good luck with it! I know one day we will achieve it.

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