Top Ten Tuesday: Least Favorite Covers

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Favorite Book Covers Of Books I’ve Read.

Well since I recently did a favorite covers post during the freebie top ten last month I will be doing something slightly different for this week. Instead of listing my favorite covers of books I have read, I will be listing the least favorite covers of books I have read. Generally I pick up books because of the cover but since I have been trying to break myself of that habit I have read some books with pretty bad covers on them. So today I will share them with you and whether the bad cover reflected what was on the inside or not.


I realize this cover is fairly old and while I didn’t like the look of it I had wanted to read The Shining anyways. Much like the cover the book left something to be desired, so in the end I was not impressed with the book or the cover.


I know this cover is supposed to show what one of the characters looked like after he was brought back from the dead but it really could have been better. Though the cover isn’t that great I did enjoy the story quite a bit.


Not necessarily the worst cover I’ve seen however this one does a very poor job of reflecting anything of the story in my opinion. The story was in fact enjoyable but the cover was lacking.


The way these two are standing is just horrible. I really don’t know how this cover came to be. Secondly I don’t think that these two people match the description of the main characters at all. Bad cover but I did enjoy the story.


This cover matched the story inside, initially somewhat intriguing but then overall lacking.


I know there are better versions of this cover out there but this is the particular cover of the book that I own. That does not look like the nose of a St. Bernard. I somewhat enjoyed the story.


Some people like this cover, myself I think it’s fairly dull and doesn’t reflect well of the story. And much like the cover I found the book to be quite terrible.

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