Book Review: Little Fuzzy

When I first read the description of this book I instantly thought of Ewoks and wondered how similar this book would be. I try not to compare book to others that I have read or that share aspects with other books/movies so I pushed that thought aside and dove in. The beginning of the book was, interesting enough, but I didn’t entirely get pulled into the book either. However I kept reading knowing that in time the story would improve, because at this point things were merely being set up and characters introduced that would play a role later on in the story.

As things progressed I found myself fairly consumed by this story. While many of the human character didn’t draw me in it was Jack Halloway and more so the Fuzzies and their plight that truly pulled me in. I wouldn’t have normally thought a book like this would appeal to me, but I found myself more and more into the story with each chapter. I really liked how Jack so quickly took to Little Fuzzy, and how Little Fuzzy looked up to Jack. The relationship between them was fairly quick to form but you could see it was also a strong bond, perhaps more so on Little Fuzzies end to begin with than on Jacks but overtime I really felt there was a deep connection between him and his Fuzzies.

The other characters that appeal in the Fuzzies life, some of them friends of Jacks, some were colleagues, and others were far from either of those. However even these relationships were put to the test, some breaking and other growing stronger as the world of the Fuzzies was attempted to be researched and their status of sapience was put to the test.

I think The Company, and more specifically it’s head, fulfilled the role of antagonist perfectly. Their role, though small at first, grew quick quickly once the Fuzzies are discovered and then they rear their ugly head. Even though a large focus on of the story is determining whether the Fuzzy species is sapient or not it is truly a well written and enjoyable story. I feel though that Jack’s presence and his growing love of the Fuzzies is what truly propelled the story, as at times the discussion (or more appropriately argument) over the Fuzzies status did slow things down at a few points. Ignoring the fact that it was written over fifty years ago and a lot of the technology described in it seems inferior for a futuristic novel the story isn’t about the technology, it’s about these small fuzzy creatures and the man who is trying to protect them and make sure they are giving the respect they deserve.

Overall I enjoyed this book more than I initially expected to. It has it’s slow moments but in the end the story has a solid pace throughout, great characters, the fight or good versus evil and the quest to see these Fuzzies given their own rights. I’d definitely recommend this book to fans of SciFi as well as those who may not be fans of the genres because honestly it can appeal to just about anyone. I will be looking into the rest of the series at some point to see how the rest of the Fuzzy story evolves.

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