March 2014 Reading Wrap-up

With April here it’s time to take a moment and look back on all the reading I did in March. The month of March was an off month for me. I went through a huge reading slump that I am still trying to shake myself out of and even took a slight step back from blogging in the last two weeks. I didn’t completely stop reading, I was doing a lot of research online and through misc non-fiction books and magazines about gardening, but since I was only reading bits and pieces of these I decided not to include them in my read list this month. In total I read two books in March.

So what did I read in March?

  • For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison
  • Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening by Deborah L. Martin

So it was a very slow month of reading, but I’m not too concerned. I know once I slip away from this reading slump I will once again be going through books at a fairly quick rate. I’m hoping to have a return to reading in April, even if it isn’t as much as I did in February or January, as I do miss loosing myself within the pages of books. However, because of my lack of reading in March and my so far lack of reading in April I am planning on only posting one review a week in the month of April. The exception to this will be this week since I already have two reviews scheduled.

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