May 2022 Bokksu – Bokksu Tanjoubi

Each month, I look forward to the arrival of my Bokksu. The theme of the May 2022 Bokksu is Bokksu Tanjoubi or Bokksu Birthday. Bokksu has been around for 6 years and it’s amazing to think that they have been bringing traditional Japanese snacks to people’s doors this long. This box is unique in the sense that there are repeat items from previous boxes, some are customer favorites and others are staff favorites. I love getting a chance to try some snacks a second time around and see which ones are the most popular.

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May 2022 Bokksu

Sweet Mermaid

I loved the fluffy pastry outside but the inside was somewhat flavorless. I’m not sure if white bean paste should have much of a flavor, but I was a bit let down with this one.

Calpico Mochi

I love mochi and I don’t think I have had calpico mochi before. This was really good! The calpico flavor is mild but I feel works well with the chewy mochi.

Country Ma’am Matcha Chocolate

Matcha and chocolate are a winning combination. These bite-sized cookies were one of my favorite items. The matcha flavor is mild but is complimented perfectly by the chocolate.

Chocolate Banana Langue De Chat Cookie

I had tried these back in July 2021 and wasn’t a fan of them then and my opinion stands. I don’t think chocolate and banana are a good combination.

Hojiha Roasted Green Tea Financier

I loved the soft texture of this treat. It practically melted in my mouth. The green tea flavor was fine at first but the more I ate it the more than flavor grew. Taking a bite here and there seemed to be the best way to eat this treat. Since I’m not a huge fan of tea that’s likely the reason why the tea flavor became almost overwhelming.

Black Sesame Cookie

This was another item I had tried before back in August 2021. Black sesame isn’t my favorite flavor so I passed these on to my husband and he thoroughly enjoyed them.

Uji Genmaicha Tea

I am not a tea drinker, but I always do my best to try the tea included and see how it is. Some are good, some are not. This one was alright.

Mochi Truffle Rick Strawberry

This one sounds so good and I was excited to try it. However, this was not the treat for me. The flavor was too odd for me to like.

Potato Snack Curry Flavor

I always get excited when I see Potato Snack included in a Bokksu. These have quickly become a favorite item and I love that they are regularly included and come in a variety of flavors. This curry version was fantastic. The flavor was strong but not overwhelming and there was a nice kick from the spice as well.

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

I’ve had a few takoyaki flavored treats in the past and have always enjoyed them and these were no exception. While I have never had actual takoyaki, I must say that I really enjoyed the flavor of these snacks and can only assume they taste like the real thing. I was happy that two bags were included because these were fantastic.

Shinkabuki Fried Rice Cracker

Rice crackers are always something I look forward to. There are so many different types and flavors and they are always great. While I can’t say this one had a strong flavor, I still enjoyed it a lot. If only there was more than one included.

Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Shiquasa Salt

These small crackers had a salty flavor with a hint of citrus from the shiquasa (flat lemon). Oddly addictive, I can’t say that I completely loved them but at the same time couldn’t stop eating them. I feel like they are best eaten in small portions due to their saltiness.

Kanagawa Fujino Yuzu Jelly

I really enjoyed this jelly. The yuzu flavor was mild yet I wouldn’t want it any stronger as I feel like it would become overwhelming if it was stronger.

Candied Yuzu Peel

I wasn’t sure about these at first and yet as I kept eating them I found myself falling in love with this snack.

Chocolate Azuki Beans Uji Matcha

This was a version snack I had tried in the February 2022 Bokksu. They are too sweet and that sweetness blocks any flavor of the snack from being enjoyed

Have you tried Bokksu? What item from this month’s box would you want to try the most?


  1. My friends from Japan sent some snacks, and a lot of them remind me of what was in your May Bokksu box. I think the potato curry snacks looked good, as well as the rice crackers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your bounty.

    1. That’s so exciting that you have friends from Japan that can send you treats. The potato curry snack was definitely one of my favorites.

  2. I have never heard of Bokksu before. I actually think the chocolate banana sounds good. We used to eat frozen chocolate bananas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Frozen chocolate bananas sound great. Perhaps it was the ratio of chocolate and banana in this that I didn’t like.

  3. I didn’t know this was a thing, but it is definitely fun trying the foods of another culture! I love Japanese rice crackers x

    1. Bokksu is a great way to explore Japanese culture through food. Rice crackers are one of my favorite snacks to try.

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