Monday Progress Report #103

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Rigged To Ride by Mike Flanagan
World of Warcraft: Traveler by Greg Weismen

What I did Last Week


I got a pretty decent amount of reading done last week. First up, I read the first three volumes of The Girl From The Other Side. This is sort of a strange series and I’m still not sure 100% how I feel about it, but I also know I want to continue it. I will post a review of this one once I am done with the series.

Next, I reread Ghosts. I had read this one last year and liked it, but never got around to writing a review for it, so I had to reread it in order to remember the story enough. I’ll be posting the full review of this one in February.


Despite being fairly busy, I also managed to watch quite a few things. Firstly, I watched Your Name. I felt this was the perfect movie to start off the new year and I really enjoyed watching it again. We ended up watching Ferdinand in the theatre in town and while I thought it was okay, hubby and the boy really enjoyed it, so that made it all worth while. I also watched Hercules And The Amazon Women, and Hercules And The Lost Kingdom. On the PVR I knocked out about a dozen episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol, a couple of episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier and an episode of My 600lb Life.


Well, it was busy last week. I don’t know how I managed to get everything done and still find time to sleep, but I did. On top of all that reading and TV watching that I did, I also started to regularly exercise. This is one of my goals for the year, to get back in shape, and exercising plus eating healthy, is exactly how I am going to do that. I also started doing yoga, which has really helped keep my muscles from getting too sore and helping with my flexibility. The first two days were hell for this, as I could barely move afterwards, but as the week went on I wasn’t as sore and was starting to feel good about it all. I also had a big dog treat order, so I spend one day baking for that. On the weekend, I cooked up a bunch of meat for future homemade dog food, as well as did a bit of meal prep for myself for next week. I only did meal prep for breakfast and snacks this time, as I wanted to ease myself into it and not get overwhelmed by it. Since it was also far too cold to go outside during the week, I busied myself with cleaning the house and making a big list of things I want to get done this month and over the course of the year.

What I Plan To Do This Week


Well, since Bout of Books runs this week, I will be devoting a lot of time to reading. My plan is to first finish reading Final Ride, which I started on the weekend but didn’t have enough time to finish.  After that, I will just be working through as many books from my January TBR pile as I can.


I will continue to go through some shows that have been collecting on the PVR, as well as watching more Hercules. I will probably try to sneak in a movie or two as well over the course of the week if I can.


I am going to continue with my daily exercising, as I’m now looking forward to it, as well as my yoga. I will also be doing another batch of meal prep on the weekend, this way when I’m hungry I don’t have to worry about cooking anything, I can just grab, heat and eat. I hope to tackle cleaning out and reorganizing the laundry room this week, as it felt into a state of chaos over the holidays and now need to be put back together.

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