Monday Progress Report #25

Reviews Posted Last Week:

What I did Last Week




I watched so many random shows and movies last week it’s not even funny. Among them were American Ninja Warrior, Forged In Fire, Survivorman and many others. We got to watch The BFG as well, which was really good, though I can’t say how accurate it was to the book since it’s been many years since I have read the book. Another movie we watched was Armageddon, something my husband and I have seen before but it was the first time our son saw it and he liked it quite a bit. There was another movie that we watched, though we missed the first twenty minutes of, but I can’t recall it’s name and it was quite a strange thing.


We ended up going on a sudden vacation after finding out my husband could only get last week off out of the whole summer. So we packed up quickly and set off. We ended up visiting family for a few days and then trying to do some fun stuff, like going to the science center, watching movies and enjoying the Canada Day fireworks. I also got to hit up my favorite used book store, and while I didn’t find many books there, it is always such a great place to spend a couple hours.There were some downsides to the trip, like a mechanical issue that had to be unexpectedly fixed after it was apparently fixed before we left, but overall it was a great trip.

What I Plan To Do This Week


Not sure what I will read this week. Possibly something new, possibly something that is half read. We’ll see what strikes my fancy.


The PVR has a few shows on it that I want to see, especially the season premiere of Zoo, which I missed last week, so I need to watch that before the next episode comes on. I also have the hankering to watch Edwardian Farm, which I have seen before but is something I can watch many times and never get bored of it.


I’ll be working on the wonderful post vacation stuff, like fully unpacking, laundry and getting back into a regular routine again. Outside of that, I will be simply enjoying the nice weather.

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