Monday Progress Report #37

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Out Rider by Lindsay McKenna

What I did Last Week


I didn’t get a lot of reading done last week. Though I did manage to read about half of Wind River Wrangler, so that’s something.


My poor TV, it’s still being partially neglected. We did end up getting in our Family Movie Night on the weekend. It was the boys pick and he chose The Powerpuff Girls Movie, which we all enjoyed. On top of that I’ve been working through more Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes, and since the boys don’t feel like watching it I can power through them. So I managed to finally finish up season two and started working through season three. We also watched the first episode of season three of Star Wars Rebels and it was awesome.


Well, I ended up with a nasty cold last week, so pretty much all of my plans got sidelined. I did manage to harvest the carrots from the garden, and got about 20 pounds worth of them, so that was awesome.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I’ll be working on finishing up Wind River Wrangler this week. I’m just past the half way point, so it shouldn’t take me too long to get through it. Though things have slowed down since the epic start of this book, I’m still looking forward to finishing it and hoping it will pick up again to finish as strong as it started.

After this, I’m not sure what I will read. Need to see what jumps out at me.


I will be dedicating quite a bit of time to Star Wars: The Clone Wars this week. I really want to finish it already, plus I have a book that I want to read but can’t until this is done because it ties into the series. Not sure what is in store for Family Movie Night this week, but it’s my pick so I better start thinking about it.


I will be getting the things done that I didn’t get around to last week. My first priority is canning up all those carrots I harvested, which will be today’s chore.

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