Monday Progress Report #4

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Night Hawk by Lindsay McKenna

What I did Last Week


I finished up The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony. This was a fairly interesting read about a man trying to save a herd of elephants in South Africa. I will be posting a full review of this book in a few weeks.

I then read The Curse of The Viking Grave. This is our book club pick for February, so I figured I’d knock it out and then pass the book on to the next member. This was a very interesting tale and drew me in quickly. I will be posting a full review of this book at some point.


Well, my plan to watch The X-Files was smashed. I had planned to record it on my PVR and watch it later. Turns out it was a blocked event, but I only found that out after the second episode had aired. Thanks Fox, thanks.

I ended up watching quite a bit of Netflix this week. Watched all of the David Attenborough Wildlife Specials, Beasts of No Nation and I finally finished Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I did not enjoy the owl movie.


Well I ended up getting sick last week, so I did very little outside of my Netflix watching.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I haven’t quite decided what I am reading this week. I need to look over to to-read list for the year and see what pops out at me.


I will be catching up on a few shows that are sitting on my PVR. We will also start watching season to of Star Wars Rebels. I have been diligently recording this show and am eager to see what this season has in story.


I will likely do all the things I planned to do last week, using this week as a catch up week.

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