Monday Progress Report #59

Reviews Posted Last Week:
The Return of The Rancher by Max Brand

What I did Last Week


It was another week of very little reading. I did at least get some reading done, making it about a third of the way through The Titan’s Curse, but time and the lack of desire to read kept me from finishing it.


We didn’t watch as much as I had hoped we would. I got sucked into Golden Girls, which I bought last week during my shopping trip. I’ve made it through the first season and a good chunk of the second. On Netflix, I watched The Great Alone, a documentary about a dog sledder and his recovery from cancer, it was pretty good. Then for Family Movie Night, we ended up watching The Next Karate Kid. This movie is alright, but certainly our least favorite of the Karate Kid movies.


It was another busy week here, though certainly not as busy as the previous week. Monday saw the construction of two desks, one for the boy and one for my writing area. This also meant rearranging the boys room to make the desk fit, and setting up his computer up there. Some rearranging had to happen to get my writing area set up as well, which is right beside my reading corner. Then we ended up going snowshoeing, for the first and probably last time. I have to say, I’m not a fan of snowshoeing. I ended up taking my snow shoes off half way around the trail and found it so much easier and less tiring after that. Though even with that change, I still could barely move for the rest of that day and for the next couple of days. I did a crap ton of baking throughout the week, but most of it happened on the weekend. I did get some of my planned house purging done, but certainly not as much as I had hoped. I got quite a bit of writing done last week as well, and the new writing area really helped with that. I know there were other things I did over the week, but I am drawing a blank. All in all, it was very busy.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I have no idea what I will read this week. I have barely done any reading the past few weeks, and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t feel like reading. We’ll see what I decide to do, but I am hoping to at least do some reading, perhaps finish an already started book.


I will be watching lots of Golden Girls this week. I absolutely love this show and so glad I now own it on DVD to watch at any time. I plan to finish the second season and probably watch some of the third season as well.


I have lots of baking to do this week, so I haven’t made any real plans beyond that. I hope to get some cleaning and purging done, but nothing major this week.

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