Monday Progress Report #94

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Cowboy Up! by Mike Flanagan

What I did Last Week


Though I did a bunch of reading, it was spread out among several books and I didn’t finish a single one of them.


I gave the TV a bit of a workout last week. First up, I caught up on The Incredible Dr. Pol and Alaska The Last Frontier. Then I started a pretty decent scifi movie marathon over the weekend and ended up watching Mars Needs Moms, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Earth To Echo, Elysium and The Day The Earth Stood Still. All of these movies will be reviewed next month as part of SciFi Month. Then for Family Movie Night we ended up watching Matilda, which we all really enjoyed. The boy especially loved it since he recently finished reading the book and was so excited that they made it into a movie. Lastly, we watched The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values.


This was kind of a crazy week. On Monday it was gorgeous, almost summer weather. I spent the day outside walking the dog and just enjoying the nice weather. By dinner time, there was a winter storm warning for the next day. This prompted us to frantically harvest out carrots, which were the last things remaining in the garden. It was a family effort to get it all done before dark, but 2 hours later, we managed to get about 35 pounds of carrots, so a pretty decent haul. Tuesday morning we woke up to rain, which very quickly shifted to snow and it snowed like crazy all day. We probably ended up with 6-8 inches of snow that day. Luckily most of it melted the next day, but we have been dealing with snow and winter weather every day since, so I think it’s here to stay. Needless to say, I spent most of the week inside, hiding from the first bit of winter.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I have a few books that I have partially read that I am going to try and finish this week. I’m hoping to get them all done but we shall see.


No real solid plans here. Will probably watch a couple more sci fi movies over the course of the week.


Well, NaNoWriMo starts this week, so I really need to get ready for it and then start writing on Wednesday. I feel like most of my time will be consumed with writing this week so I can get a good solid start on my project. It’s supposed to be another snow filled week, so I’m not sure if Penny will get her normal amounts of walks or not.

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