Movie Review: Alien

I finally did it. I finally watched Alien! It only took until I was 35 years old to do this. I can’t even tell you how many years it has been that I have wanted to watch this movie, and how each passing year I would promise myself that this would be the year to watch it. Well, I finally did, thanks to my husband forcing to me.

So as crazy as it sounds, despite how old this movie is, I still knew next to nothing about it before watching it. Obviously there was something an alien, and that was about it.

I can’t say that this movie was overly memorable. In fact, I’m having a hard time thinking of what to say about this one.

I guess the one thing that stuck in my mind, and at some times bothered me, was the cat. I feel like the only reason the cat was put in the movie was to inevitably screw over the crew. I mean, I was pretty much yelling at the TV when Ripley went looking for the cat while they were trying to escape the ship. I kept saying “Leave the cat and get out of there!”and “You can get a new cat when you get home!” Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for her chasing after that cat, she would have been able to have a much cleaner escape and the alien wouldn’t have snuck aboard the escape ship. Speaking of which, who didn’t see that coming? I mean come on, the door was left over to that ship and no one knew where the alien was, so of course it’s going to get on board when no one is watching.

In the end, I’m glad I finally watched it, because people always thought I was crazy when I told them I’ve never seen Alien. I will continue on with the rest of the movies at some point, just to say I have watched them all, but I am in no major rush to do so.

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