NaNoWriMo 2021 week 2 update

The second week of NaNoWriMo has come to an end. By now, many writers have fallen into a steady flow of words, watching their beloved idea come to life before their eyes. Others may be wallowing in despair as their word count is well below where it needs to be. Whether you are ahead, behind, or right on track, it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge each and every word you have written. Those words will one day become a full draft of your novel idea. Speaking of creating a novel, it’s time to share my NaNoWriMo 2021 week 2 update, to see how my own novel is coming along.

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NaNoWriMo 2021 week 2 update

Day 7

Dealing with a cold while working on NaNoWriMo is every writer’s fear – that and writer’s block. Unfortunately for me, my son brought a cold home and passed it on to me. Needless to say, that this put a damper on my writing. I did what I could and managed 309 words.

Day 8

It was bound to happen, especially while I was sick, but this was my first day without writing. I simply didn’t have to energy or desire to try to create words. I felt like even if I did choose to write, the words wouldn’t be coherent enough to be worth the effort.

Day 9

I was finally starting to feel better so the ability to accomplish tasks, such as writing, was getting easier. Even so, I felt the lack of energy lingering. For the most part, I took it easy this day, knowing if I pushed myself too quickly I would relapse into my cold. So, over the course of the day, I managed to write 924 words. It felt good to get back into it but admittedly wish I could have written a bit more.

Day 10

This was when I was getting back into the rhythm of writing once more. While I continued to deal with the lingering effects of being sick. I could at least readily form words into coherent thoughts and sentences. Though it took me a bit to get truly back into the swing of writing and especially back into the story itself, I was very happy with the 1827 words that I wrote.

Day 11

Everything seemed to click this day. I sat down to write after spending a bit of time playing World of Warcraft, and in less than 2 hours managed to knock out 2676 words. I made some important notes on what was happening in particular parts of the story which had been nothing more than vague ideas in the initial draft last year. This was also the first day that I was able to take the dog for a walk since I got sick, so she was very happy about that.

Day 12

Being a Friday, I was admittedly not feeling like pushing my writing too much this day. Sometimes it’s nice to take an easy day. A lot of my time went into playing World of Warcraft and simply relaxing. But when it came down to it, I put in an hour or so of writing and produced 1432 words in that time.

Day 13

There were a number of errands that took up the morning and part of the afternoon. So my writing had to wait. I didn’t mind, because keeping up with the writing life balance is important. In the late afternoon, I sat down and in what felt like a few minutes, I managed to write 1932 words.

This brought my total word count to 24949. Even while writing minimally for some days and skipping an entire day, I have managed to stay ahead of the curve, which makes me happy. At this point, I will admit that I am not so much writing a rough draft of this story, but doing a combination of an overly detailed outline, character sheets, world-building notes, and a few random chapters mixed in. However, as I am rebuilding this story was the ground up with nothing but my memory, which isn’t the best at times, to go on, I’m okay with how things are panning out. Working on all of these facets of the story will allow me to sit down and truly write a solid rough draft when all of the preparation work is done.

I hope you enjoyed my NaNoWriMo 2021 week 2 update. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?

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