Book Review: Nina the Starry Bride Vol 2 by Rikachi

Title: Nina the Starry Bride Vol 2

Author: Rikachi

Series: Nina The Starry Bride #2

Page Count: 174

Publish Date: May 11, 2021

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

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Nina is a poor orphan with eyes the color of lapis lazuli, just like the god of the stars. But one day she comes to the attention of the second prince of Fortna, Azure Seth Fortna, because of those beautiful eyes. He wants her to serve as a double for princess-priestess Alisha, who died three months before she was to be married off to the crown prince of the large, neighboring country of Galgada.

After being asked to learn etiquette, to dress like a princess, and to deceive an entire nation, Nina finds herself drawn to Azure. And Azure, likewise, begins to desire Nina — who was supposed to be only a pawn — for his own?! Watch these two wrestle with a once in a lifetime love while fate toys with them in the second volume of this ultimate palace fantasy!

Nina the Starry Bride Vol 2

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My Review:

Unlike the first volume, I was not immediately sucked into the story with this one. It starts slow but soon picks up and then grabbed my attention.

I loved learning a bit about the background of the kingdom, as there hadn’t been a ton of information about it shared previously. Azure’s great-grandfather was a great addition and source of information in this regard.

He has a strong influence on Azure, as he did much during his reign to make the kingdom prosperous and taught much to Azure. Plus he knows a few secrets that I can see playing a role in how the story progresses later on.

Nina’s compassion truly shines in this volume and everything seems to go so smoothly that it’s hard to believe nothing bad is going to happen. She is doing her best to be good but her lack of understanding of how everything works is a major hindrance and the entire court intrigue aspect of royal life has her struggling.

While she tries to make something happen, it backfires quite thoroughly. Yet, despite this, she doesn’t lose hope and in fact, she gains quite a bit from this experience.

We finally get to learn quite a bit about Galgada and how the upcoming marriage came to be. It’s clear that these two kingdoms are quite different and time will tell how this marriage affects either of them.

We also learn more about Azure and while his secret should have surprised me, I had a strong suspicion this would be the case. Even so, finding out this little nugget of information opened up quite a bit about the royal family and their ways.

Some new complications are thrown into the mix, especially involving Nina and Azure. However, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, but I guess it would have felt too rushed had it happened in the first volume.

This volume is full of secrets being revealed, some I had figured out myself and others that caught me off guard. With each one, the story gets more and more interesting and I was very eager to keep reading and see how all of these tidbits would play out.

These reveals also made me rethink my opinions of some characters, as my initial impressions of them have now been drastically altered. It makes me question the actions and motivations of a few key players and I’m loving every minute of it. I need to know more!

Nina certainly comes into her own with this volume though I do question whether she can truly pull it all off without any serious consequences.

The glimpse of Galgada we get at the end truly piqued my interest and now I am both worried and excited about what will come next.

Overall, Nina The Starry Bride Vol 2 was a strong continuation of the series. While it started slow, it picked up quickly and we learn a ton about various characters and the kingdoms. There are quite a few questions answered but also get a new batch of questions that should be dealt with in the coming volumes.

I look forward to continuing with this series which I have added to my TBR. I have a feeling it may become one of my favorite manga series.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Nina the Starry Bride Vol 2. Have you read this book?

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