November Japan Crate

I’m really becoming a fan of subscription boxes. Once a month, a box arrives at your door filled with goodies. Boxes that give you snacks are the best. The November Japan Crate recently arrived and I was so excited to dive into it. This is my first experience with Japan Crate. Like other Japanese snack subscription boxes, Japan Crate is full of different candies, treats, and a drink from Japan. Each month contains new items. As a bonus, the pamphlet includes information on events happening in Japan for the month plus a few Japanese phrases to learn. This is great, as I have made it my goal to learn Japanese.

If you are looking to experience the unique candy and snacks of Japan, then give Japan Crate a try!

November Japan Crate

With 18 items included in the Premium box, I wasn’t sure where to start. Everything looked so good! So, I just dove in and started eating.

Happiness Honey Cheese Cheetos

My first Japanese Cheetos experience! These Cheetos are the crunchy version, so I was happy about that as I prefer crunchy over the puffed variety. While I enjoyed these, I did find that the honey flavor was a bit overwhelming. There were supposed to be four different cheese flavors, camembert, cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese. However, none of those flavors stood out due to the strong honey taste.

Chico-chan Fusen Gum

Gum really isn’t my thing. I just find it an insult that I chew something flavorful but can’t swallow it. Even so, I decided to give this a try. The flavor of this gum was great. But like with all gum, I just wanted to swallow it after a few minutes.

Sour Cola Gummy

Gummies are great. Cola gummies are even better. I did, however, not find that this gummy was sour. Not that that’s a problem, because I don’t love sour gummies. It did have a nice soda flavor to it. This also wasn’t overly sweet, which was nice.

Konjac Jelly

This one was actually pretty good. There were 3 possible flavors to get in your box, however, the guide did not mention what those flavors were. I think the one I got was watermelon, though I could be wrong. The flavor itself was quite light, hence why it was hard to guess what it was.

Corn Porickey

This wonderfully sweet corn treat was perfect. It’s very similar to Pocky, only instead of chocolate coating, it was corn flavored.

Gyokuro & Matcha Salt Pride Potato

These chips contained three different tea leaves, Tamecha Techa, Nishio Matcha, and Gyokuro. I will say that the tea flavor didn’t really stand out in these. They tasted more like a plain salted potato chip than anything else. Even so, they were really delicious and I happily ate the entire bag.

Tsumu Gummy

Who doesn’t love to play with their food? Okay, maybe that is frowned upon, but with these gummies, it is encouraged. The gummies are shaped like Tetris pieces, so you get to pile them up however you want. The four flavors really complement each other.

Sonomanma Soda

The fun thing about this gum is that one of the three gumballs is sour. However, there is no way of knowing which one it is until you start chewing. I have tried two and neither was sour, so I guess that the final one is the sour one. This gum didn’t have a ton of flavor, but the real fun was seeing which one would be sour.

Maple Hot Cake

These were pretty good! I liked how soft the pancake part was and the maple had a nice flavor to it. It was certainly not as sweet or overpowering as a lot of maple-flavored foods tend to be.

Pudding Flavored Jelly

I really can’t tell you what exact flavor of pudding this was, maybe vanilla, but I really enjoyed this little snack. It was just enough to satisfy a craving without feeling full.

Mini Annoimo Angle Pie

Have you ever had a snack that tasted weird but you couldn’t stop eating them? That’s how I felt about this one. The flavor was a bit strange, yet as soon as I was done eating one I was reaching for another. They vaguely reminded me of smores, but without the crunch.

Chocolate Melon Bread

I would say this was my favorite thing in this box. These little cookies were wonderful. The melon-flavored chocolate cream was perfection. I loved how soft these cookies were, which worked well with the cream inside.

Gyogyogyo Gum

There were four flavors in this gum pack. Peach, green apple, grape, and yogurt. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you which was which, even though they had different colors because they all tasted the same. And by that, I mean they were completely lacking flavor.

Sherbert Pero Cider

This sucker and powder combination was reminiscent of Fun Dip. The sucker was the vessel in which you ate the power. The cider flavor was light. I have to say that all in all, it was a nice little treat.


I’ve tried mochi a few times now, all in different forms and overall, I like it. This one, however, I had a hard time with. It wasn’t as chewy as other mochi and the powder on the outside made it pretty unpleasant to bite.


I loved this! The puffed rice and noodles in this snack were excellent. The flavor was nice and strong without being overwhelming. Though I liked the rice part better, I still thought it was a fantastic snack.

Vivits Hokkaido Melon Mix Soda

This was my second favorite item. The scent of melon hit as soon as the bottle was opened and the flavor matched it perfectly. It was like drinking a perfectly ripe yet not too sweet melon. The only thing I can say is that I almost wish it was a juice instead of a pop, as the carbonation did take away from the experience a bit.

Autumn Potato Kit Kat

I’m not a fan of sweet potato, I just find the flavor too strong. However, I had nothing to fear with these Kit Kats. The sweet potato flavor was so light and different from other sweet potatoes I have tried in the past. If all sweet potatoes tasted like this, I would eat them all the time.

The November Japan Crate was such a great experience. I got to try so many different flavors and items. The value is great, as you get quite a few treats to try. Have you tried Japan Crate?

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  1. This is such a cool concept – getting candy from different cultures and countries. It always amazed me how the same snack can taste different in different countries. The one that made me really curious is the cookies with the melon flavored chocolate cream, which is a combo I never encountered before.

    1. Exactly, it’s crazy how even something like Kit Kats tastes so different. There are so many weird and wonderful combinations to explore through Japan Crate.

  2. As much as I love the concept I’ve never been brave enough to order a box like this because I’m so fussy and anxious with food.
    The gummy tetris sounds amazing though! So much fun to play a game as you eat!

    1. I can understand that. I’m a pretty picky eater, so there are times when I seriously question what I’m doing exploring so many new things, but it almost always works out in the end. The tetris candies were pretty fun.

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